Silent Retro Wall Clock

Product meets my expectations. Clock style retro with a look very nice and above all very quiet, no ticking sound.

Hello, she of beautiful and blends well into the kind of decoration of our House. I think buying a red for our Cook.

She fits perfectly in my new kitchen, I don’t hear it at all, however I found it a bit light.

That’s all we’re asking in a room, the rest is a bit light, but at this price.

This wall clock is perfectly quiet and is its main asset. However, it is quite fragile. It is still a good value.

Comments from customers who already bought:

  • Silent and aesthetic
  • Very quiet!
  • Perfectly silent clock
  • impeccable! in line with expectations.
  • for a kitchen: perfect
  • Product meets my expectations

It is totally silent. Not ticking, it is nice its look is very nice and you can see the numbers by far. Best Trevi 3314 wall-clock retro-style round and silent-24.5 cm-black

Arrived in time and hour clock perfectly silent, wider;o) (“thick”) than what we guess of after image which confirms the retro look.

After having taken the option to buy clocks cheap this time I chose a “silent” product. I’m not disappointed by this product.

Product complies with the description, it is really silent. Less pretty clock in real life than in the photo.

Pretty, quiet it fits perfectly my decoration I strongly advise, considering the price it’s a big deal.

Very quiet and easy to read numbers. Design, I would have preferred that the framework is in an orange lacquered sheet rather than in that plastic, which would have given him a side more retro. However, the clock works fine.

Perfectly silent wall clock with a retro design is perfect in a studio: it is absolutely silent and does not disrupt sleep.

The clock is silent, retro, pretty light however the plastic isn’t very good, it is not very thick, nice product overall.

Very beautiful and completely silent.  I can finally sleep without removing the battery from the clock every night, lol.

Makes really good in my 60 year decorated kitchen. The clock is completely silent and works great. Very satisfied with this purchase.

Pay attention to the color, it is red but but a red that tends toward pink.

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