Shimano Launches Dura Ace Di2 Exchangers As Remote Control

Group Is Integrated With The ST-9070 Model And Reaches

The Brazilian Market From 2015In 2012, Shimano, the world leader in the bike and fishing markets, introduced the Dura-Ace Di2 group (electronic) with the ST-9070 shifters that had a button at the top. Due to a software upgrade and Shimano wireless unit introduced this year called D-Fly, these buttons can now be used as a remote control to operate external devices such as cyclocomputers.

Thanks to this upgrade, cyclists who own the Dura-Ace 9070 group can pair external devices through the D-Fly wireless unit (SW-EWW01) and use the button on the top of the exchanger, under its rubber cover, as A remote control switch. This allows cyclists to keep their hands on the ST-9070 levers while scanning compatible computer screens.

This evolution fits into Shimano’s concept of stress-free riding. Thus, developers of external devices, such as cyclocomputers, design the exact characteristics of these control buttons.

About Shimano – Shimano was established in 1921 and is headquartered in Sakai, Japan. Shimano Latin America (SLA) was founded in 2007 and has a wide range of components and accessories for bicycle, fishing and rowing. Seven commercial partners in Brazil: Biape, Cairu Cycle, Isapa, Joytech, JR Comércio, LM Bike and Bicycles Mix.

Shimano has developed the exclusive STI (Shimano Total Integration) technology, SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics – for shoes and pedals) and SIS (Shimano IndexSystem), recognized and benchmark worldwide. It has among its marks names that are synonymous with quality and performance in the cycling universe: XTR, Dura Ace, Ultegra, DI2.

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