Sharing Headphones Can Be More Disgusting Than You Think

A study by Buzzfeed in partnership with Professor Kelly Reynolds, PhD in Environmental Health at the University of Arizona, revealed that headphones can be dirtier than imagined.According to the specialist, there is a very diverse “bacterial flora” in our ears, which leaves the devices infested with microbes, not counting all the wax and dead cells coming from our ear cavity.

If you are one of those people who lend or borrow headphones, especially the in-ear models, you should be careful about what you might be putting on the body.According to Reynolds, “research shows that the microbial flora of the ear usually consists of pseudomonas, staphylococci and streptococci.”

Bacteria too!

These bacteria are present in our body many times without causing us harm, therefore without our realizing it.However, when the amount of them exceeds the limit or new types end up passing to your body, the result can be a shot of an infection.

In addition, headphones are always in contact with ear wax, which, despite being a substance produced precisely to get rid of germs and bacteria in the place, is a sticky element that, when lodged in holes and holes of the phone, accumulates All that is kind of dirt like dust, dead skin and even more bacteria.

Professor Reynolds also mentioned a study published in the Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciencies showing that using headphones increases by 11 times the amount of bacteria in the ear cavity.This is because the devices help keep moisture and heat inside the ears, forming a perfect environment for the proliferation of microbes.

One of the exits is to do a good cleaning on your headphones

One of the exits to avoid this type of contamination is always to make a good cleaning in your headphones, disinfecting the device and storing it in a dry and cool place.So the chance of them carrying a lot of bacteria out there is much less.

And how do people really behave?

A poll done in Buzzfeed itself showed a little of the habits of Internet users in relation to the headphones from electronicsmatter. According to her, 50% of people only clean their sound devices when there is visible dirt;33% never do any type of cleaning on them;9% claim to practice hygiene habits with their headphones all the time;And 8% clean them only once a week or less.

50% of people only clean their sound devices when there is visible dirt

As for lending the headsets, people expressed themselves in the following way: 36% of participants say that they strictly refuse to lend the sound devices;34% even share, but only with family and acquaintances;26% said they only lend or borrow in extreme cases of “complete despair”;And 4% do not see problems using other people’s headphones.

Anyway, after all, the best option is to not forget the headphones at home and always have one or two spare pairs for any emergency.After all, nobody wants to have a nasty infection just for a few minutes of music.

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