See Tips For Choosing a Cabinet For Bathroom Without Error

As well as every room in the House, the bathroom deserves special attention when the task is to decorate the environment without losing the convenience. And at times, one of the main questions that arise between residents refers to the choice of the ideal bathroom Cabinet that, in addition to spacious, needs to be beautiful and elegant, combining with the decoration of the House.

This mobile is bound under the sink or on a wall nearby, facilitating access to products used in daily life, so he is virtually indispensable, since it favours the organization.

But don’t just go to the store and buy the Office only by visual. You need to tailor it to the structures and measures available, facilitating the movement of users.

So I don’t have error, the Interior and product designer Raphael Days recommends the custom-made furniture, produced by Joiners or made in specialty stores.

The price can vary between manufacturers and even weigh in his pocket, but the investment is worthwhile, because it is a right choice. “What I have observed is that there are companies that sell ready cabinets that fit well in small bathrooms, with a design that will please a lot of people,” says the expert.

Bathroom Cabinet-how to buy

Tailored or not, the offices offered by the market have different formats and options of doors, niches and drawers. In addition to these details, note the inside of the Cabinet and see if you can find shelves, that facilitate organized accommodation of the items.

The variety of materials is also great. You can choose from wood, ceramic, laminate, lacquer, among others. Here, the purchase is at the discretion of the decorating style you intend to follow and the level of moisture that will come into contact with the product. The MDF furniture, for example, may be more sensitive.

Small bathroom Cabinet

As a general rule, choose the model suspended, one that does not touch the ground. In addition to make cleaning easier, the free space helps to convey a sense of spaciousness.

Cabinets with mirrored glass door are other good bets because mirrors are old acquaintances of the decorators and are able to boost the visual field.

As for the colors, the designer Raphael Days recommends clear tones, which also disguise the small environmental measures.

Bathroom Cabinet 3:00 pm 1

Who has plenty of room and can make a purchase more carefree can resort to cabinets with integrated dishes. Some traders gambled in the manufacture of this type of piece that includes cuba, countertop and Cabinet.

In addition to convenience, this model offers the advantage of avoiding subsequent services of installation of vanity tops or cupboards, and can count on some add-ons, like the mirror.

In colors, is worth merging light shades with dark, which adds sophistication to the environment.