School Girl Backpacks

We probably have it last used in the 8th grade, but the new trend, according to not only school girl backpacks can now bear.

I am somehow not the type. Although I like my laptop backpack, but if I do not go to the university, but in the city and am meeting with friends, I would never get the idea, instead of my purse to choose a backpack. However, there are also women who have the style really is and where it actually feels authentic. For sporty outfit a gaudy colorful backpack for example, looks really great. Also a retro outfit I find a vintage leather backpack absolutely trendy, but I fear that I either “student” or “hipster” is written on the forehead with a backpack.

When I look around at our editorial office, I do not seem to be the only one who would rather not give up her purse. Because it is really hard to find a dress or a feminine outfit to fit a backpack. This limits the possibilities then but a little. Also, I really want to wear a backpack in the summer. Since there is hardly anything more embarrassing…

You see already: My trend, it is not really, but perhaps your? You belong to the girls who are in danger of the backpack trend?

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