Sandals, or a female variant, sandals, are an absolutely timeless footwear . They were worn by the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Greeks and Romans preferred.Like the Incas, Teutons in the warm seasons and many other people of all ages.

What makes them so popular still today, are the once offered airiness and lightness that often provide high wearing comfort in the hot summer months.Just a flat sole with a few straps that hold the sole at the bottom, and even the sandal is actually finished.

Fashionable sandals for women

Women’s sandals, of course, has always adapted to the circumstances and fashionable although they can be found without paragraphs in its origin, now a more or less small paragraph has crept. The sole is not necessarily quite thin. Besides the classic thin soles made of natural materials such as leather or Birkenstock, also thick wooden soles and soft rubber or plastic soles have established. Although from time to time came the ladies sandals to fashionable behind, were simply out, but only to come back with a bang on the catwalks, in the shoe stores and shoe racks for at least one season .

Maximum choice in sandals

Today we find sandals in almost all variants, shapes and made of almost any material, from simple “Jesus-flops” on outdoor – or chic evening sandals to shrill It Girl designs. Established designers – labels like Fred de la Bretoniere, Esprit or Tommy Hilfiger have assumed, among many others, the sandal and in its broad design palette back to a timeless Renner of women’s shoes made.