Samsung Orbis Could End Up Calling a Gear and Have Support for 3G and Calls

Although once finally were not presented during the Mobile World Congress last stop all talk about it, the project of the circular watch from Samsung that we knew as Orbis continues. In fact, a few hours in Sammobile they unveiled exclusive new information about it, for example that its definitive name could end up being A Gear.

According to the website, Samsung seek cover different types of user with this brand new watch, so we would be faced with a normal variant with Bluetooth connectivity and other in addition It would also have support for 3 G networks, allowing us to make and receive calls. In both cases, the watches also endure WiFi connections.

We have also been able to know details such as the so-called model number that will have each two variants, being the R730-SM and the SM-R720 which would correspond to the normal version of the version with 3G. They also suggest that there would be a total of up to eight variants more, which would vary his numbering of model depending on the country and the operator you are going to put it on sale.

It therefore seems that circular clock from Samsung, whose performance as we explain a few week ago, is closer than ever, but at the moment we can only speculate with the moment that the Koreans will choose to present it officially. They will do so during the summer or wait to the IFA Berlin 2015?

In any case, what we can be sure is that with this new watch Samsung It will seek to strike a blow on the table in terms of design, especially seeing the way that have tried to do the same with the appearance of their S6 Galaxy. In addition, it would be logical thinking that finally no longer Android but Tizen the operating system chosen by Koreans, although it is still early so that we can give this last assumed.