Saddle Shoes – Typical American Shoes?

Saddle Shoes A Piece Of American History

The saddle shoes with the American College look gained their fame. The hysterical screaming Bobby Soxers made famous this beautiful shoe model overnight. How do you recognize these pretty shoes actually and how it was actually to his global celebrity? Today we want to imagine a closer the infamous saddle shoes.

Saddle Shoes – The Look Of The Shoe Model

In the roaring twenties, it came to a real economic boom since after the war, the economy in America exploded: during this period, the construction industry developed rapidly in the height and the factories produced their wares at full speed. The newfound new optimism has changed also the fashion. There were now shorter skirts, the heels of women’s shoes were higher and also the clothing was more colorful than in the days of the war. Among the students in the College and its faculty has developed a new and independent look. Chinos and Tweed jackets were fashionable on weekdays, weekend students complemented those by casual Polo shirts and cool blue jeans, to spice up the outfit to something. The so-called college look was complete with the stylish saddle shoes, as shoe-wiki indicates.

That shoe model was then, as now, was very comfortable shoes which were traditionally processed in the Oxford Journal cut by a piece of leather that is spiraling across the instep. While the two of the shoe bottom trained leather parts the so-called bridge. Those recorded the closed lacing. This special Schaftgrundschnitt reminiscent of a horse saddle, and was used mostly by the remaining upper of the shoe model. Therefore, these shoes have been named saddle shoes or saddle shoes.

There was the variant of the shoe model with a closed lacing à la Oxford and those with open lacing à la Derby. Apparently, the closed lacing was a classic Variant, also if the Varainte with the open lacing for our taste for the finer men’s shoes. In the 20s until far in the 50s, those shoes were an integral part of the College’s wardrobe. This men’s shoe model is immediately recognizable due to its noble look.

Frank Sinatra And The Bobby Soxers

The saddle look of this leather shoes had already a long tradition. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, there were sport shoes with spats. This device was protecting not just the foot and Shin from possible injuries, but kept also the clothing from dirt. Thus, the world famous saddle optics was born, which was transferred to the classic design of the men’s shoes. That model was named ‘Saddle Oxford’. These shoes a high popularity is enjoyed at the Herrenwelt. Soon, the shoe model outside of sports has been like. Only in the 40s, the saddle shoes gained a worldwide attention because it became the distinctive signs of the so-called Bobby Soxers.

The earlier Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire were the absolute icons in the 40s.Sinatra earned the nickname “The Voice”, because he had a very expressive and melancholy voice. Especially when his female fans Sinatra caused a stir. Hordes women’s hearts fell to him, many female fans were at his concerts in fainting as soon as the American entertainer appeared on the scene. His footwear was also significant for Sinatra. The two-tone Bobby Soxers were combined love of Sinatra with white socks and became his badge. Its supporters, especially the female, did Sinatra equal and wore saddle shoes like all over the world. Several shoe factories began at that time to produce only saddle shoes. In 1930, cost a few saddle shoes with crepe soles between 7 and 10 dollars.1938, you got this shoe model for ca 1.98 dollars, since its production has grown rapidly.With the fashionable breakthrough of the so-called penny loafers and boat shoes, the saddle shoes were after aside. They regained only their fashionable revival as a popular weekend shoes in the 1970s. Today, this shoe model has become rather rare. When it comes to solid color men’s shoes, often other shoe models are preferred. The two-coloured version with “Stressed saddle” is apparently too extravagant for the broad mass of men.

How To Combine Saddle Shoes?

Saddle shoes blend perfectly to light suit fabrics, chinos, or even blue jeans. You can be wonderful as a sporty, elegant casual shoes. The shoe model seems far more formal than the classic loafer or the athletic boat shoe because of its closed lacing. Solid saddle shoes are suitable for a business meeting or formal occasion, the coloured variant is recommended for leisure. The beautiful multicolored saddle shoes are welcome on a rockabilly Weekender.
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