Round Metal, We Love You In All Versions

The thing about this Ray Ban sunglasses is love. Many have cost and have passed from hatred to passion in a matter of weeks, but others relied on it from the first moment and today is theaccessory that can not miss in your wardrobe as a lover of trends and signature Ray Ban: ROUND METAL , we love you!

John Lennon was the ambassador of   teashades, as they called this type of glasses that covered just so that the effects of marijuana in the eyes were not noticed. It is a myth, was an influencer, and still carries that inspiring wake.

The Round Metal disappeared for decades and now they’re back to stay: RB3447, Do not forget it! Trends experts do not hesitate to include them in many of their weekly looks. Her followers are unconditional, they adore her!

Its simple rounded shape that essentially covers the eyes, its fine metallic frame, available in silver and gold color, its thin rods and that boho-chic air, are key elements for us to adore. The simplicity in pure state, represented in a spectacle.

And not only that, because we can find it in 18 different models; Silver mounts, copper mounts, gold frames, uniform lenses, degraded lenses and, of course, polarized lenses.

On the other hand, it is logical to say: “Ray Ban Round Metal, we love you !, is that we find it in 3 different calibers in many colors: We want it smaller, caliber 47 ; We want it bigger, 53 gauge ; We want a medium size, 50 caliber !

But the story does not end here. Ray Ban knows the tastes of his customers and knows that in the variation is the taste many times. For this reason, it offers another model very similar to the classic Round Metal: The RB3447N, a practically identical spectacle, that comes a few millimeters bigger and with mirrored crystals up in 4 colors. You will love it because it does not fail!

But if this model does not convince us because we prefer a different mount, Ray Ban offers us the RB3447 JM, a modelidentical to the first ones that come lined with a printed camouflage trend, which you can choose. In addition, the crystals are also optional: blue, light green, brown and military green.
And, if after these three models you still have not fit any, the latter will do: RB3517 Round Folding. In gauges 48 and 51, this mirror with mirrors in mirror gray, silver gray, gold and mirror pink, is foldable! How you hear it! Its case is like a little cigarette case, a cute unisex!

The Ray Ban Round Metal is an essential accessory this season.The pantos style stomps and will rage again in 2017. Do not you have them? That you do not have any of them? Do not wait any longer because you’re going to end up buying it and you better be the first