Revlon Effect Gel Nail Polish

During beautiful event organized by Revlon in collaboration with Cruciani we discovered all the new make-up, it was a wonderful day.

Set among huge exhibitors with products of all kinds, we tried the new lipsticks, new gloss and appreciated once again all products of Revlon range.

Today we show all the swatches and review of the brand new glazes Gel Envy Colorstay.


It is of special enamels gel effect, perfect in only two steps and without the use of lamps.

Their exclusive formula does not provide for the use of the base, just lay it directly on the nail enamel and after a few seconds to apply the top coat diamond effect.

Do not be afraid to stain the nails, even the dark colors do not leave a trace! The texture is self-leveling, the colors are all very opaque, and the application is very simple.

The brush allows incredible accuracy thanks to its shape fits perfectly to the nails, the bristles are great, well-cut and round just to make the drafting of the enamel easier.

With the glaze Gel Envy ColorStay we in no time professional results, but affordable for all!


Let’s find out in detail!

– 020 All or nothing; delicate color between white and pink, milky opaque but already with two passes, perfect for making french manicure.

– 030 Beginner’s Luck; Microglitterato pink, reminiscent of the classic color tutu … romantic!

– 100 CardShark; pink lacquered baby and covering, young and cool summer.

– 110 Lady Luck; a pink tip that meets the coral and the fish with a light golden pearlescent. A very special color very summery and very trendy.

– 120 Hot Hand; fuchsia full, bustling and gritty is the classic “Pink Power” lacquered and polished.

– 130 Pocket Aces, a red shyly hides with shades of pink and coral, a particular color and very suitable for the summer.

– 210 Casino Light; yellow like the sun, funny and unconventional light.

220 In The Money; light green almost acid, a color that certainly does not go unnoticed.

– 230 High Stakes; intense and brilliant green leaf.

– 240 Dealer’s Choice; microglitterato green water like a tail of a mermaid

– 300 All In Duochrome ; between blue and purple in metallic reflections, is certainly the highlight of the collection.

– 320 Full House; pastel turquoise, a solid color opaque and irresistible … absolutely perfect to show off with tanned skin.

– 400 Royal Flush; microglitterato a delicate pink, a beautiful feminine color and cheerful perfect for every occasion.

– 410 Up The Ante ; the color that has dictated fashion for over a year does not abandon us, here is the “radiant orchid” in all its glory.

– 420 Winning Streak; lilac light, delicate and romantic pastel tone.

– 430 Showtime; blue purple glitter and iridescent, a mix of strong colors.

– 440 Wild Card; the protagonist of summer 2015 blue tone.

– 450 High Roller; dark purple iridescent reflections with very light bluish.

– 460 Hold ‘Em; antique / mauve pink, formal and chic.

– 500 Ace of Spades; beautiful gray, very bright and especially thanks to imperceptible microglitter silver … a wonderful finish!

– 510 Sure Thing; plain white milk, can not give it up.

– 540 Checkmate; pink nude, a perfect tone for all skin types

– 620 Roulette Rush; Red enriched microglitter, a tone that is “dirty” rose for a truly unique color.

640 Joker’s Wild; vibrant orange peach, typical summer and cheerful color.


I fell in love with these glazes, certainly among the best discoveries of 2015, I tried several times all colors and no one was disappointed!

I appreciate very much their easy application, it is almost impossible to lay them wrong, I appreciate the quality, their excellent durability and of course the choice of colors, are beautiful!

The gel efect is real and will wear I heard her say many times that it seemed I had the semi-permanent, which add? They are consigliatissimi!

For a perfect result, Revlon recommends using glazes combined with top coat Diamond Gel Envy (given as a present by buying one of the chosen line enamel).


I remind you that in Rome you can also find them at the temporary store in Termini railway station and compared with an expense of € 10 you will receive a beautiful gift!

You have tried these enamels? Which color intrigues you the most?

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