Review of Imalent HR20 XP-L HI Rechargeable Flashlight

Let’s do a Review of the main features of the Imalent HR20 Flashlight. This model is not only a powerful LED front, but also a hand-held headlamp for a multitude of uses.

The Imalent HR20 model is a very light and portable rechargeable USB flashlight for use in nature. The new CREE XP-L HI LED delivers an impressive flood light up to 1000 lumens. Powered by 1 18650 lithium rechargeable battery unit or 2 CR123 lithium batteries that will provide a runtime of up to 360 hours.
The Cree XP-L HI emitter LED is perfectly focused on the reflector.The Imalent brand stands out for manufacturing the best polished reflectors for spotlights with soft light scattering like the HR20. The design is futuristic with machine style modeling and soft stitching fixings, for firm grip. The clip is fixed securely.
This flashlight stands out for the advantages of having a compact size, excellent construction quality with anodized coating, lens with anti reflective coating. Light beam adjustable. Easy to use switch button, waterproof housing. Comfortable cover with side straps and also upper ones to guarantee a safe use when it is active. Rechargeable flashlight  with built-in USB charging system at 4.19V/5V. It is available in Zephyrledlights.