Retro Decorating Tips

Here’s how to make a classic House decoration using retro objects.

The word retro means something very marked one time as a trend of fashion, beauty, accessories, cars and even decoration, and that over time back to success in the modern world.

It’s hard to talk about retro decorating objects without thinking of the classic movies of the decades of 50 and 60 is not! However, more and more functionality and modernity in lieu of the classic object of decoration, however, some brands come rebuilding its objects with inspirations in decorative objects of ages past.

Here are some tips to follow for how to mix retro with modern elements to compose a harmonised environment.


The kitchen is the heart of almost every house and who likes to cook knows that a functional and well decorated kitchen turns any meal, even the simplest, in a delicious feast.

Some brands are recreating appliances that unite the two main characteristics of the products: beauty and functionality. The refrigerator, the refrigerator and the stove are the main examples.

So, to give a vintage air to your kitchen, it is not necessary to acquire only antique objects, the newer brands already bring the retro decorating trend.

However if you’ve inherited a beautiful clear blue refrigerator your great-grandmother and want to make use of it, the tip is to have reform, but always maintaining the original characteristics or other functionality to the object, how to turn the fridge on a stylized Cabinet.


The living room is the environment where the décor prevails. Unlike the kitchen where the objects have to be functional. In the room we can abuse the retro decor elements.

Those who do not have a wired phone old stored in the closet? That a single object can change any decor. The same goes for reuse these objects.

If you have not found a phone with a vintage touch to buy, why not retire a used? A simple coat of paint colorful resolves any problems.

In addition to the classic phone, wallpapers, cushions, sofas, chairs, coffee tables and frames are great objects to give it a more retro decoration. Prefer vivid colors like red, blue and yellow resembling the decades of 50 and 60.


The bedroom is the most personal of surroundings, there are several ways to choose a decorating theme for him, everything depends on the taste and style of each person. You can choose the retro objects only to complement the decor.

The dresser, for example, is a very useful object that is little used nowadays and can make a difference in the environment. The pillows, a nice nightstand with antique forms & wallpaper can make a classic and modern at the same time.