Renkforce 3 Port USB 2.0 OTG-Hub Mit SD-Kartenleser

Renkforce 3 Port USB 2.0 OTG-Hub with SD-Kartenleser + micro-B-USB zu mini-USB Adapter

Strong points

  • Smartphone hub and memory card reader
  • To read data from a USB stick, SDXC and micro SD card on your smartphone
  • Supports SD and microSD cards (up to 32 GB)
  • OTG function-Direct data transmission without a computer
  • Adapter for connecting hubs to devices with USB-C ™ jack


By Renkforce USB 2.0 OTG hub you have to connect the possibility several USB devices to your phone or tablet. To be able to operate on your mobile device such as a USB mouse, a USB keyboard and a USB flash drive at the same time. You can so manage your photos, watch movies, and access your files – no extra computer.

Additional memory card readers
Another feature is installed in an OTG hub memory card reader. With this, you also have the option of SD and microSD card content read (up to 32GB) and anzüzeigen on your smartphone / tablet or and easy to make backups of your holiday snapshots quickly. No wireless, no data volume is required for this purpose.

Also available for Tablet with mini-B connector
To additionally make use of the USB 2.0 OTG hub Tablet with mini-B port is settled by delivery to a micro-B mini-B adapter. Thus you have rebuilt the smart hub for tablets with other interface in lawschoolsinusa.

Both sides usable USB-C ™ Plug
Does this sound familiar? Basically keeps one the connector upside down so that it does not fit into the socket. The USB-C ™ Plug is beidseitg usable, so the cable can not be inserted the wrong way round.


  • Supported Memory Cards: SDXC + Micro SD
  • USB interface: micro-USB connector
  • Cable length: 14.5 cm

Scope of delivery

  • USB 2.0 OTG-Hub
  • Micro-B zu USB-A Adapter
  • Instruction manual.

System Requirements

  • Smartphone, Tablet with Android 4.0 and höher
  • Smartphone, Tablet with Windows® OS

Samsung basically supports OTG File Manager feature, should your manufacturer that can not, there are vie Apps, such as for the Nexus “Nexus Media Importer app”.
Some smartphone manufacturers compatibility is limited, here possibly helps the conversion in the Android settings menu item “memory” of MTP to PTP, or vice versa.

Technical characteristics

  • With Memory Card Reader with micro-USB to mini-USB adapter
Category USB 2.0 Hub
Number of Outputs 3 x
Interfaces (output) USB 2.0, SD, microSD, M2, Memory Stick
Food By USB
Specificities With integrated SD card reader, with OTG function
Color black
Weight 170 g
Away. 22 mm
Height 20 mm
Deep. 72 mm