Red Lace Dresses

My Dears,
How are you doing? This blog would not drain just yet by the summer feeling, therefore I must share with you just this outfit. Even if is – compared to the last few days – we to the luck again look the Sun is. I love that dress. It is the dream of every girl, pretty and dreamy. Unfortunately, I feel that there is something, but I don’t still like to be there. Finally, there are more important things in life!

The pictures with the rose petals have cost us some nerves because you had to collect everything again after each attempt. Also I can’t get it Yes partout on the series, to do anything (like for example of things jump or like in this case: throw petals through the air) and it also still beautiful to look at. The best result you see her bottom, also if I there anyway… more would have can look him. (InitiationBC) Haha. That’s life.

How do you like the pictures and especially the dress?

Finally I get to write this post! This week was again once absolutely packed with long hours in the Office, vacation planning in the evening and activities with friends! Later, it goes on the birthday of a dear friend who is one of those, unfortunately too rarely seen… But before it goes to the delicious coffee and cake afternoon, I want to share with you yet this look.

With wearing tips of, I love to wear lace dresses in the summer and I see once again I have too little red clothing. While this color blends so beautifully with my blonde hair… HM… There’s pent-up demand in any case! To be not too chic everyday, I have combined my leather jacket from Zara, and my vagabonds to do so. In early summer, you can still do that, but if it has + 30 degrees, this combination of course no longer comes in question!

I am a lipstick from the drugstore brand name also trend it up! These lipsticks did very’s me at the moment. As for the price, the product lasts forever on the lips and as Lippi expensive to me in everyday life are often too bad, they are a really great alternative! Since I am often asked what I’m wearing on the lips, I wanted to mention this just on the edge… 🙂 (I in the future would like to answer to this question also always with!)

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