Reasons Which You Should Not Wear Bra

Never ceases to amaze me the articles lacking rigor and baseless, I read with some frequency in media whose mission is the surprise and misinform the reader.

Today I have had opportunity to read one of particularly incendiary, which does not carry signature of author or author.

Title: reasons that they’ll never use fastener. It is a real luxury of misinformation and insufficient rigor.

First false statement: bra does not prevent chest dropping you.

Any study indicates that chest is fastened by the skin, who in turn has a few microligamentos (ligament of Cooper) that are not elastic. Doing sport, changing volume MOM and not moisturizing is wearing no BRA, these microligamentos are broken and falling chest.

Other cultures where it is not usual to use BRA, tend to have extremely straight and fallen chest: that is the proof.

Second false claim: they will leave you less stretch marks

Stretch marks appear for many reasons. The use of a bra to sleep will taste of the wearer and is not precisely the reason that appear to stretch marks, as shown in the authors of the article.

Third false statement: with BRA, the breasts become flabby

This statement based it on the study conducted by the Brouillon Lord who did not demonstrate in any way their claims, due to that of all women that they began the study, only based its preliminary conclusions on 10% remained unused bra. You have forgotten 90% of the women who left the study.

Fourth false claim: you breathe better

Fact: has to wear the BRA suitable to the occasion of use and above all, the

carving and Cup that it corresponds. Claim that Serena Williams should play tennis without a bra because it would breathe better and the chest would not suffer is a tremendous folly.

Quinta false assertion: goodbye to the chest pains

Half of queries by breast pains would be avoided using the BRA right, carving and Cup as well as in the practice of a sport, as in any occasion where moms suffer.

Do not wear a bra, is another reason why the chest can suffer, especially in moments in which subject should be.

Sixth assertion false: reduce backaches.

A woman with a large bust, should use a correct bra designed to make it divide the weight between the waistband and shoulder straps. The development of patterns helps to perfectly accommodate the breast in the BRA.

To know if the correct bra is worn it should be noted that the straps fall straight, BRA does not rise in the back, the tissue that covers the Cup or lack or excess, that the pattern of the bra is right for their morphology…, there are specialist establishments, which help to choose the proper garment.

Seventh false assertion: earn fewer toxins.

Any piece of clothing, excessively tight and uncomfortable, can cause lymph problemaqs. Use correct fastener, use the size and Cup that suits you, go to expert brafitters that help to find the piece of clothing that I feel like a glove, will allow that comfortably with the BRA sits.

Eighth false assertion: the relationship between the bra and breast cancer

It is absolutely intolerable to relate one thing with the other: an inappropriate bra can cause skin lesions, hardness and other pathologies, which immediately forwards when the correct fastener is used.

Let in air suspicions that the bra is related to this tremendous disease, is an absolute irresponsibility.

So from my point of view, this article from East author/stranger it is an unacceptable disinformation source, put at the service of an incendiary article with insufficient rigor.