RC Drone vs RC Helicopter

You arrive in front of a store ready to buy your first radio-controlled flying device. You do not know which one to choose between a helicopter and a drone? These tips can help you decide.

First of all, define your needs! Be aware that radio controlled helicopters are only for the pleasure of driving. They can not pick a camera or carry anything else. If you think playing little spy or conduct scientific studies, choose a drone.

But practicality, it would give anything a remote control helicopter? Compared with drones, helicopters seem easier to drive. They are not likely to escape the slightest mishandling. These models are equipped with a gyroscope for synchronizing the two rotors. The radio-controlled helicopter stabilizes and automatically during the move. But where the twin-rotor fishing is when the wind rises they then become uncontrollable.

Unlike the helicopter’s drone behaves better face to drafts and offer better applications (HD cameras, heat sensors …). The drone is equipped with three or four rotors to stabilize it. It also has a gyroscope, capable of calculating the angle of inclination of the unit and its position relative to the ground. All this technology allows to avoid accidents due to mishandling.

UAVs are also very reactive. They can quickly switch from one direction to another as soon as you activate a control on the controller. This responsiveness, however, makes it pretty difficult to ride, beginners should practice several weeks before mastering them completely.

In short, taking these factors into account, you should be able to decide. Remember that the choice between a helicopter or a drone also depends on the amount you’re willing to bet your radio control unit. Think anyway to properly document before buying the model of your choice.

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