Radio-controlled Submarine Models

The radio control is a way of handling electronic devices with a remote control in order to drive small scale vehicles as if they were the real size, through electrical devices that are placed in the prototypes. They work thanks to electromagnetic waves that connect the control knob to the vehicle. When it comes to making us a device, we can decant both cars and SUVs, airplanes, helicopters, boats and submarines.

In principle, there are amateurs who build their own radio control equipment themselves, but this does not guarantee that the investment is less, but quite the opposite; In fact, the already built models we find on the market are usually much more economical. Building oneself the equipment is a complicated process, which is reserved for electronics, mechanics and free time.

In the case of radiocontrolled submarines, it is especially difficult to build oneself a particular model, because, given its rarity and specialty, the pieces are usually expensive and very complicated to find. For those who start in the radiocontrol of submarines, it is better to get a second hand, which implies a lower investment and at the same time allow to do all kinds of maneuvers and make certain mistakes that would cost much more to fix if it were a new model.

Most of the models of Radiocontrol submarine that are in the market belong to the type called warlike, that is to say, they are part of some current army or they were used for the war. The most demanded by collectors are those who were part of the Second World War, are the most quoted in the market and many fans are able to travel across the world just to get a piece or complement for their submarine.

When it comes to talking about its operation, we can find both with hybrid propulsion submarines of combustible elements and electric motor models. In the first case, when sailing on the surface, the engine feeds on a diesel fuel generator and under the water of a fuel-powered equipment whose main component is hydrogen. Experts recommend that in order to achieve the navigation characteristics of the original models, a computerized equipment, as this can optimize the immersion and underwater navigation maneuvers thanks to the electronic mixers that they include. There are also static immersion devices to reduce buoyancy resistance when diving is performed.

As for the materials, both brass and stainless steel are used, always being the lightest as it facilitates both the buoyancy and the safe and fast immersion. Also, plastic parts are used for the joints, and also for the plates to close the hull (plastic injected). In the hull of the RC submarine is where all the necessary components for the Radiocontrol are found, as well as the electric motor of slow turning, which possesses a considerable force of thrust.