Quirky Tuxedo

Thanks for a good site. You learn a thing or two. One thing that I didn’t really got a handle on a Tuxedo Jacket is buttoned. You should also let the bottom button be undone?

I’m going to have smoking in the new year and then it’s good to know what applies.

Tuxedo can look a little different. The most common is called a shawl collar and only one button, and this gives the course itself that it is the button.

I myself am right fond of the double-breasted smokingjackan with pointed sort. It is true that usually three buttons (on each side) but can in practice only to snap the bottom.

What you are asking should not be a problem, but resolved naturally once you put on your Tuxedo (or TUX as acronyms).

When it comes to smoking:
* Black tie and black girdle applies. Butterfly is of course preferable. Not least because you can tie up and have that hanging a little decadent afterwards.
* Use the dress shirt. The issues involved have plastrons and double cuffs.
* If you have a double-breasted tuxedo, you do not girdle. I would instead recommend a black smokingväst. Make sure you get one with completely back. You can then take off your jacket and still be handsome if you get hot.
* A cool smokingtillbehör is the white scarf. Easily worth a few hundred. Most, however, do not display too much with, but only use when you arrive and when you leave.