Puff | Puffer Jacket: How to Use?!

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Remember we talked a little about the  Puff Jacket on the Frantic? ! Also called Puffer Coat, this nylon jacket is used for snow sports and in very cold countries. Around here they have always appeared as coadjuvants and in more basic proposals, without being seen as  an inspiring icon.

But this story is about to change , incidentally, already changed a few years ago. If I remember correctly, by 2013 the streets of European Fashion Weeks already had fashionista looks using the”Puff Querinhas”. Called”Puff Daddy” by Brazilian Vogue, this super-warm trend returns every winter, but it differs in season, being mixed with new materials.

STREET STYLE: In order to leave, they are very favorable, besides warming up, they now gain a new identity, a new position: Give style! To mix without going wrong, the idea is always to make a different look.

In addition to jeans, wool and cotton, they also fit perfectly with leather and linen, for example. For a  perfect pair, warm up and look beautiful , you can also bet on other winter accessories: hats, gloves and scarves. All to give a more cool dash.

And as we are still in the autumn and say the ‘good tongues’ that we will have a rigorous winter, we can enjoy and put together many different looks with overlaps, such as the overcoat by the way. Which look does not look gorgeous with overcoat?! ALL ! And underneath, the sweatshirt, which gives a touch home but with the right combinations is very stylish!

Get Inspired: Check out some suggestions for looks:

And my beautiful ones, what do you think of the proposals?!

And who already has a saved, can already put to use already! Beyonce

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