Progress on ‘Wearables’ Healthy: a Developer Takes a Android Wear a Monitor Continuous for Diabetics

Wearable devices have much potential still untapped is rather indisputable, especially on issues health-related. This is something that Samsung has understood and wanted to exploit, looking for external collaboration with an SDK that will help to develop your project SimBand.

Constantly carrying a continuous monitor of our health-related parameters can help us in many cases, and the first practical application comes from the hands of a developer, who has just published their work in the form of two applications for Android and Android Wear that allow continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels.

It’s two programs that used measuring systems for diabetics of DexCom, making that your users can see directly on your Android smartphone or on your watch Android Wear a continuous graph of glucose levels, measured every 5 minutes, as well as their trend lines.

The first application is called xDrip, and allows receive data from the device DexCom G4 Platinum on the smartphone, because the continuous DoxCom meter has with the function of sharing their data through Bluetooth LE.

The installation is not how simple that should, but in your GitHub, where you can download directly – it is not available in Store Play-, there are also all kinds of manuals to make it work.

The second is NightWatch, an application that uses the information stored in xDrip for present it in graphic form on a watch Android Wear. The appearance is that shown in the images, although you can select even as the clock with four possible watchfaces cover. It can also be downloaded from GitHub.

Indeed, two very useful applications for people with diabetes, especially for most geeks, and which serve to display the capabilities that in future could adopt natively our watches and bracelets smart.

The future was this and is already here. What do you think?