Progress In My Hallway: The Accent Wall

So there’s the accent wall in my hallway

So I painted the accent wall of my hallway.

An alternative to wallpaper to create an impact decoration

When I told you about the plans for decorating my hallway, I told you I had one very clear thing: I wanted to create a focal point just in front of the front door by putting wallpaper and a Mick maxifoto in black and white.

I spent hours and hours looking for the perfect wallpaper but I could not find one that would fall in love with me and fit the look I wanted. My head went back again and again to one of the wonderful wallpapers of one of my muses, Kelly Wearstler. Specifically, the graffito model:

This wallpaper is available in salon, black, gold, green, is absolutely wonderful and costs a pasture: 996 dollars the roll of 9 meters, nothing more and nothing less.

I was a bit of a budget. Nah, just a fuck. So I kept looking for the perfect wallpaper, I still did not find it… and I said to myself, why not paint directly on the wall a diy version of Kelly Wearstler’s wonderful wallpaper?

And that I did:

I used the same color as the rest of the walls. I started painting from below and I covered the entire wall. First with a medium brush and then perfecting with a small brush.

After covering the gotelé in the hallway, I gave a layer of primer before applying the paint, except on this wall because I had the idea of putting wallpaper.

That made when painting directly on the plaster the painting did not remain uniform. The brush strokes are noticed and I love it because the idea of a handmade drawing, not perfect, is emphasized . Also the tone of the painting is a bit darker than the rest of the walls and I love that too.

The closet doors are ugly and outdated, the floor is not the nicest either… but the wall I love.What a difference it was with the gruesome gotelé wall I had before.

I really like Mick’s photo because it adds depth to a smooth wall, creating a kind of fake window. Putting a mirror is another very good option to create depth, as I did in the decoration of my bedroom, but in this case was not a good idea because the reflection was not going to look nice. Either it reflected the entrance door (which is ugly and dark) or it received whoever entered the door with its own reflection. No spring.

I did not plan to put a carpet in the hallway but that floor kills the look. What do you say, carpet or carpet?

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