Pretty Ballerinas, The Shoe Perfect for Dressing of Bonnet a Pompon

It does not nor a month that the signature Spanish A Pompom bonnet opened its new store in calle Lagasca and collections presenting already are a success. Since was created in 2009, Bonnet a Pompon is has become a reference point for children in Spain fashion.

A signature designed and manufactured in Spain a design for children, very chic and modern, with a very romantic air and elegant, with its dusty shades inspired by nature. How novelty can be found, both in the shop and in physics news for this season and the collection in collaboration with our favorite dancers Pretty Ballerinas (the Ursuline as I call them I, being the small Sisters of Ursula I Mascaró).

Bonnet a Pompon y Pretty Ballerinas We have several models:


The mixing of the Liberty flowers and stripes sailor This line is born. A play of colors and stripes that Bonnet Pompon and Pretty Ballerinas have resulted in the best materials combining two worlds:

Bonnet cruiser: The Mediterranean spirit with its inexhaustible source of blue reflections, softness and tenderness; He becomes a sailor striped satin ballerina adorned with PomPoms in the Bonnet ringtones: Pink vintage, porcelain and vanilla.

Bonnet Liberty : From the sea to the Mediterranean countryside that removes green tones and hundreds of flowers in different shades and colors. A vision that transforms into a design makes do in Liberty print with PomPoms in colors: red, porcelain and lavander.


For special occasions, in which you want your little to become a real Princess, we have traveled to the great 18th century French stage creating these designs that evoke that era.Marie-Antoinette: A classic design of square dancer designed in napa, with folds in the forefoot and embellished with satin ribbons.


An explosion of color, maximum expression of the collaboration between these two international brands. Pretty Ballerinas decorated classic design with the Bonnet PomPoms a Pompon in different materials and colors.Pretty Pompom : Basic design of dancer with elastic to hold the feet of the smallest, created in suede and satin and adorned with pompon. Available in green, red, yellow, and grey.

It seems that the Provençal spring has come to Bonnet a Pompom at the hands of Pretty Ballerinas shoes