Pointy Shoes for Winter

The sapatos of thin beak are classic pieces from the world of fashion and were very popular during the Decade of 90, but still guaranteeing a lot of elegance and femininity in any production. These shoes are the perfect option for women who want to enhance the silhouette, stretching and tapering legs, so are perfect if worn with pants on skinny, model looks very street.

Heels, indispensable for anyone who wants to convey an air of sophistication and sensuality, can vary in format, ranging from thin and very high models, super stylish but that require a certain intimacy with the use of this article, to more casual version, with rustic jumps, more practical, or even sneakers. The fact is that the pointy shoes have guaranteed presence in winter 2012.

Trends for winter 2012

Despite the summer hasn’t even have ended, the big brands are already releasing their collections for winter this year and therefore all women who want to stay on top of the fashion world, need to be mindful, of course, on the news to come and promise to warm the cold days.

In addition to using the right outfit, are fundamental parts accessories to complete the look and pass all personality and style of composition. The shoes are excellent in carrying out this task and that key parts in any wardrobe.

In addition to JUSTINSHOES, the feminine shoes next season’s abuse of the heels, be they anabelas, or half-to. The models that more attention are the peep toe, ankle boots, pumps and loafers.

The collection comes quite colorful, and the tones that are given are the red, gold and blue, in addition to having the presence of diverse textures and different fabrics like glitter, sequins, suede, velvet and animal print.

Pointy news

The most daring women will adopt and boots fine, jump extremely high barrel, as one of the first items on the wish list for the winter 2012. These pieces were widely used during the shows and give an air all fetish and sexy. Some models go to the mid-thigh.

Fine nozzles which are still in high

The ankle boots, which conquered your space in the fashion world with great ease, remain in evidence since your first appearance. These elegant and versatile models can be found in several variations, but between the versions that more appeals are the following peep toe style and thin beak.

Fine nozzles to return to the fashion world

Great news for women who are not disposed of their heel pointy of is that it is possible to remove them from the bottom of my wardrobe and wait eagerly for the arrival of winter. This exquisite model has been gone for a while, but promises to return to the redesigned in 2012.

The important thing is to keep connected on the promises for the winter and open space in the closet for parts that promise to make the head and feet of women.

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