Plus Size T-Shirts

I am absolutely in love with these animal prints, mainly by the face that seem to jump from 3 clothes I found this shirt and I don’t want to let go of so much love.

But before starting the post, I wanted to talk about a subject that’s been bothering me a bit lately. I’ve been repairing in social networks, photo sites, Instagram, etc, that the new fashion now is not thin, is be hefty. Yes. For the big dog, with the belly cracked, dry and muscular arms, butt prancing and, worst of all, not just working out, you have to share. I understand the #projetobaboseira, I think that when you share a goal with HOTICLE is even easier to conquer. Okay but I want to make my complaint here: I am not obliged to find nice and sharp.

I think it’s funny that the craze that people have to be swayed by any fad. Until a few years ago the law was to be a toothpick, not now. The cool thing is be Panicat. You have to have the body equal to the aunt of Instagram, straight and thin waist belly. And if I, paltry mortal, don’t have the time to spend 3 hours in the gym? And if my genetics doesn’t allow me a belly line and thin waist? And if my ass is not entitled?

Friend, I just want to say one thing, do not feel pressured to be something you’re not. If the cat likes to work out, have her come on junkie spotted body. If you are an enemy of the Academy – like me – look in the mirror, learn to identify their weaknesses and then see your strengths. It is in them that you should focus. Forget the supine and 15 1000 kilometers run from nearby and look your garden grass. I’m sure he won’t have the greener grass (because this is Photoshop hahaha) but can give beautiful flowers.

I just wanted to leave my manifesto because whenever I see and criticize these pictures, people look at me like I’m forced to like it just because it’s fashionable. And you know what, I don’t have to like everything that people like.

No more blah blah blah and go to the look of the day, fatty (and you are on your right to find ugly or handsome)


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