Plus Size Boho Style Clothes

Have any questions about how to combine parts or choose what is best for your body type? AsPatrícias answers in the section Office Fashion. But beware: the more information you send, the more precise the suggestion. Body type, age, place and time of the event help enough. The consultants are to your wait.


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Hi, girls! Everything good? I am chubby and I love the boho style, but always was in doubt if I will not look more chubby yet. Can I use? That style pieces are the best to who is all plump like me? Virginia-Porto Alegre.

Hi, Virginia. All right? First, it’s not because you’re overweight it some style becomes prohibitive. You have to use what you have to do with you, with your personality with your tastes, with their wishes. If you like the boho, not blame him: use Yes!

And the good news is that boho has wonderful pieces for those who are overweight, since you notice a few details. For example, avoid the pieces with much volume or ruffles. Prefer the crisp, cutting as close to the body, and in good trim, firm, but not too structured. Use prints more girls and dark background, in shades closed, they’re going to wear your body better.

:: High Self-esteem! As the plus size challenge the standards and make the sets to surrender to the beauty in any size

Bet on elongated dresses, knee or heel, dry cutting, perfect to fine tune and look taller. Invest in a vest or a kimono elongated, excellent partners to hide love handles located in the region of the abdomen and to spice up the basic black printing looks the boho style immediately. Use silk gowns or other tissues, fluids that are also great for “weight loss” visually. Invest in a pair of jeans flare or a dark color, perfect for “narrow” visual, and pieces of fake fur, essential to the boho style, always with less volume, more compact.

Work on accessories such as necklaces, fringe handbags, elongated Moon rocks large to esitlo gipsy and perhaps a hat, which has everything to do with the theme. We split some suggestions to inspire you. Good combinations.