Pin-Up Styling and Sweater Girl Look – DIY

Pin-up images were once everyday art, since they were ubiquitous in all print media between 1920 and 1970. The pictures were later beginning of drawings of pretty women in erotic poses, photographs. The term comes from the English term “to pin-up”, which means “pin” pin-ups often the wall were attached to, such as a calendar or as separate out from a magazine.

Pin Up Style

The style of pin-up images is playful and can be provocative, but never obscene. You suggest, but do not reveal. Normally, pin-up girls were easy and figure-emphasizing dressed, but they were shown as well as never naked.

The pictures show vintage often everyday scenes that look like a glimpse of ordinary life, with a great deal from today’s perspective of course. Pin up girls happen sometimes even small mishaps, like a wind up high rock.

The most famous pin-up girl was Bettie Page, which had its heyday in the 50s, whose Ruhm but continues to the present, as shown in the film The Notorious Bettie Page.

Have we to styled the look of Betty page in a Betty page hair tutorial, and a Betty page makeup tutorial one-to-one.

Pin-Up Clothing of the 40s And 50s

You have perhaps already in your wardrobe clothes for a pin-up styling.
Key pieces are pencil skirts, form-fitting shift dresses, nylon stockings with no stocking seams, front rounded pumps, ballerinas, Espadrilles, Strickjäckchen, little sweater with crew neck, Capri pants, shorts and denim. Pants have a high waist and sleeves are Three-position.

It is important to achieve an hourglass silhouette with hugging very narrow waist with the styling. Who has not the perfect figure, can form them with matching underwear. In the 40s and 50s, women have worn Corsetry. There were no tights still, always stockings with suspenders were used, were held on a wide Suspender belt.

A bra in the 50s look with lace Cup under a tight sweater can conjure up a great sweater girl look. Sweater in size zero were very popular in the 40s and 50s.

Hollywood actress Lana Turner throughout his life was nicknamed “sweater girl” for an outfit that in 1937 in the film “they won ´ t forget” wore what she ushered in this fashion. As a “sweater girl” were all well-equipped Hollywood beauties like Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, and even Marilyn Monroe called, wore under a tight sweater a well stocked Bulletbra on German “pointed cone Bra”. Thus, the breast was re-emerged as erotic focus, where long time was rather bare legs in the foreground. All “sweater girls” from Hollywood, pin-ups were also celebrated, in this respect, the look is very authentic.

Pin-Up History Te

Pin-ups years were considered to the 80s as an illustration and not as an art form.

Because the images were almost always commissioned work for publishers, drew and painted the hired artists according to exact specifications, and were little ink in the design. The templates for printing were painted in oil on canvas or cardboard, rare as pastel or gouache.

The former strict censorship rules and the economic interest of the publishers, as popular as possible to make them conditional the harmlessness of images in sexual ways.

Especially in the second world war were used pin-ups from the United States, to motivate and to distract the soldiers. The pictures were hung in the GIs in the lockers and they wore them millions of times with him.

The 20th Century-Fox photographer Frank Slow photographed 1943 where she mischievously smiles at the viewer over the shoulder as a pin up girl in a bathing suit, Betty Grable. This photo was the most popular pinup of the US soldiers at all, which is why we have made the Haartutorial “the poodle” exactly this hairstyle.

Pin-Up in the 21st Century

Pin-up is not stopped in time. The pin-up look of the 40s and 50s is popular already long again, there is everywhere current reproductions of clothing, while modern interpretations have been incorporated into the look. Modern materials make cherry or Strawberry pattern in a new context and combine for example Leo pattern, skulls, or swallows. You can decide whether the authentic look or the modern dear friends.