Philips Hue Color LED Bulbs

Health, sport, relaxation… connected objects invest almost all aspects of our life so make us it as simple as possible. Today we will do a tour in the lighting industry connected to home with the famous Dutch firm Philips. Indeed, the manufacturer has launched a full range of connected lamps titled Philips Hue color in order to expand its catalog.

Philips Hue Color LED Bulbs

Philips Hue Color, specifications in detail

Phrases to use to control the lights with Siri
Brand Philips
Model Hue Color
Type LED bulbs connected
Fixing medium base screw, simple contact, E27
Number of colors 16 million
Angle of illumination 160 ° +/-20 °
Consumption 9W
Energy level A +
Life 25,000 hours

The Philips Hue range is accessible by a kit which, as listed above, is composed of three bulbs with a Bridge, a power cable and an Ethernet cable. The bridge is the module that will allow the bulbs to the network connection. You will find a comprehensive guide of installation of a kit Starter Philips Hue in this article.

Taken separately, the bulbs are not really what might then be considered “smart” devices Each bulb parcontre allows to transmit the signals of a light bulb at the other.

How does the philips system hue color work?

As you already know, connected Philips Hue Color bulbs need a bridge (comes with the starter kit) for the establishment of a connection of control via a smartphone. For this, the system relies on not Bluetooth, but rather a ZigBee Protocolconnectivity. The principle is simpler than what might be expected. Indeed, it must start by connecting the bridge to the box by Ethernet. Then, it will screw the bulb fitted with a pellet screw E27 and download the Philips Hue mobile app on your smartphone / Tablet Android or iOS. There are more then turn on the wireless connection on your device to allow him to detect the light bulb.

A device that will appeal to hackers, but not that

Even though the Philips Hue Color system does not have other features such as scents, it can easily be hacked. Since the mobile app is open to developers via a platform open source. And as you could imagine, this has allowed the emergence of an ecosystem of applications extending the basic features of these connected bulbs. For example, on iOS, an application called Magic Hue gives you the ability to use the device as an active lighting system; very convenient in festive moments.

Ease of use, good quality of light bulbs and the possibility of extension of the basic features of the application pilot are the main assets of the Philips Hue kit.