Philips Bet (Almost) Everything Android: 90% of Its Televisions in 2015 Will Take Android TV

Android TV was presented last year at Google I/O and since then we have had little information. It is a platform that is slowly growing and manufacturers are taking to adopt. After Nexus Player, the following devices were the bumper range TVs from Sony and then Philips, a company that already had been committed by Android, without many adjustments, for the TV.

Today, in a pre-IFA press conference, the company announced that 90% of their television sets this 2015 will carry Android TV. Yes, the adapted version, nothing custom launchers to put the same applications without optimize that we can also have your phone or tablet. A step forward for a platform that wants to become the reference to make manufacturers of TVs television Smart TV.

38 models with Android TV

Of all the models that Philips will sell this year, 38 TVs will carry Android TV. Of these, 17 will come with panel UHD / 4K. A good number to open the market to see if Google’s operating system is able to gain a foothold in a market where not yet finished boot.

In the Philips press conference, the company took the opportunity to give a very curious: only 60% of the Smart TV today are connected to the Internet, all a delay if we consider that the way to get all the possible out of these TVs is precisely using a network access. It is also true that manufacturers have not made an offer of value or a communication that will encourage people to try it.

We will see, that Yes, what such Android TV with Philips bet. After having tried Android TV in a Nexus Player feeling that left me was a little decaffeinated: the platform is powerful and has many possibilities. In fact, it has everything to unseat the Smart TV but its potential is much larger than what can now offer: missing applications and content as well as more facilities to perform certain actions that are more common in mobile phones. For example: manually install inspirational.