Perfect White Vinyl For Your Gray Wall

Do You Want To Be Sure That You Will Hit Your Blank Baby Vinyl On A Gray Wall?

From my point of view it is a sure hit.

If you are looking for a current child’s decoration for the room of a newborn, but without falling into the conventions…

Choose A Combination With Baby Vinyl In White With Gray  Because It Is A Very Good Choice.

You will achieve a relaxed and balanced atmosphere.

You will not saturate the space.

Surely it will not condition you for future choices of complements or furniture.

It makes it easy to choose a third vibrant and striking color to contrast.

Look At Some Examples Of White Decorative Vinyl On A Gray Paint.

The color gray as all has a wide range of nuances. There are more natural ones, with a whole fan in tones and earthy tones. With mauve, blue or green chromatic tips, or even a whole repertoire of black percentages.

This stone gray color is being one of the great chosen for children’s decoration and also in general. It is a tone that depending on the light changes apparently. Round between stones and mink tone. With this gray color and a blank baby vinyl you can achieve a nice and elegant feel in your newborn baby room.

This other example that we sent a customer of Vinilvip a few months ago. A baby decoration for the wall in white vinyl for baby Good night in the clouds on a wall painting in lead gray. This design is great also because it facilitates a lot to distribute the stars and the different stickers depending on your wall dimensions.

And a soft contrast … with just a few stars in white on a gray you can achieve a nice corner with a lot of charm.

And this last example, as perfect as the first to help you understand the two vibrant tones. For a moment, just mentally replace all the pink tones you see in the image for another different that you may like. Well this is what you will achieve if you paint your gray wall and put a baby decorative vinyl in white. It will never stop you from everlasting.

The most important thing when choosing is to make sure that you have enough contrast between your color of gray paint and the white of the vinyls you have chosen.

And if you liked our baby vinyl, go by the store. We have a whole collection to choose from. And all of them are perfect for decorating in white and gray, I assure you, and will greatly help you create a nice childlike decoration with baby vinyl in white and gray.We’ll be waiting for you at the Vinilvip store.