PepeMobile, New MVNO’s Low Cost

Chilly time without news of new virtual mobile operator but has been Globalia to put an end to the drought. The business group best known for brands like Air Europa o Falcon travel It has reached an agreement with Vodafone to launch its MVNO, PepeMobile, from the third quarter of the year.

The name gives the clue of where he is going the operator, will carry the concept of low cost services already provided by companies as Pepecar, Pepetravel o Pepemoto. Brand managers in addition to looking a good rate, aim to offer the best joint offering, combining telephony services of all its brands and try to retain their customer base.

His goal, reaching half a million customers in five years, with a minimum structure of only ten people to adjust costs to the fullest, based completely on Vodafone even in the billing platform and possibly locating the Center in Argentina but managed by the own Globalia.

What about sounds?