Pebble Time Round Watch Bands

No real surprise, Pebble has announced a new watch connected: the Pebble Time Round.

It is not entirely a new watch, but a redesign of the Pebble Time.

Indeed, the proposed features are identical and it is most striking at the differences is the round case. This trend has been the Moto 360 and grows more and more.

Pebble has chosen to decline flagship shows connected in a thinner version and all curvy: what also please some more women.

But this new style comes with some drawbacks!

Firstly, the watch is no longer waterproof. It is splash-resistant – which will be enough to wash your hands – but it is excluded from attempting any output in the sea or pool with this watch.

Then, and this is disappointing, autonomy is only 2 days . It seems that this is the price to pay for such a compact wrist watch.

The style is successful

Fortunately, I think this shows a style much more successful than the previous.

We feel that at Pebble they understood the need to also have fashionable watches and visually correct to break into this market.

Two variations of the watch will be offered: a bracelet with 14 mm for women and a bracelet with 20 mm for men.

In both cases, the case turns out smooth and I did not taste real fault of note among the colors available:

  • or rose et tour blanc
  • steel silver
  • black steel

Of the visual not we notice that the screen filled with the entire surface of the housing. Pebble has chosen to place a surface around the screen to (I think) to save on screen size.

This surface may contain numbers as a classic watch needle.

Availability in November for $ 249

The Pebble bracelet watches will be available on Centralledwatch later in November for $ 249.

I think there is a slightly higher price for a connected Pebble watch whose autonomy is only 2 days.

However, it will seduce those who remained impervious to the childish and rectangular aspect of the first Pebble Time.

Finally, here is the video presentation of the watch.

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