Pebble Reveals Smartwatches With Bigger Screen

Leave the smartphone at home: with 3G connection, Core streaming music in Spotify and tracks your races

Pebble announced on Tuesday (24) a new generation of smartwatches, which has larger screens and heart rate sensor. Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 continue with the features that have made the company’s watches attractive, such as long battery life and e-paper screens, but improve the design and fitness aspects.

Pebble 2, as the name suggests, is the second generation of the first Pebble, the one introduced three years ago in the Kickstarter . The whole plastic design is still there, but it got a lot more attractive because Pebble finally reduced the giant (and ugly) edges around the monochrome e-paper display. With this, the size of the watch and the 7-day battery remain the same, but the screen is larger.

Pebble Time 2 joins the old Pebble Time (plastic) and Pebble Time Steel (metal). Unlike the previous generation, there is now only a single metal version with a black, silver or gold finish. The color screen increased by 53%, keeping the compact size and the 10-day runtime away from the outlet.

Both models have water resistance (30 meters), heart rate sensor always on, sleep monitoring and microphone, a function that did not exist in the original Pebble. All the cool features of Pebble software, such as the notification timeline and Pebble Health, which monitors your health data, are there, as well as integration with Androids and iPhones.

Pebble 2 arrives in September for $ 129, while Pebble Time 2 will be sold from November for $ 199. You can already get your pre-sale at a discount of $ 30. At where? No Kickstarter, obviously . The crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than $ 2.5 million from 14,000 buyers and the amount is increasing rapidly.

Pebble Core

Calm down: Pebble also revealed its first device that is not smartwatch (and it’s very interesting). Pebble Core is a small gadget that can be attached to your keychain or carried in your pants pocket. Costing $ 99 (or $ 69 in the Kickstarter campaign), it is equipped with GPS and 4GB of internal storage, plus 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

But what’s the use? One of the possibilities is to use it as a fitness monitoring gadget: instead of carrying the smartphone in your races, simply load the Pebble Core and your path will be registered in the Runkeeper, Strava or Under Armor Record, with the help of the integrated GPS. In addition to Bluetooth, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Core can play back music that is saved in memory – even for streaming music on Spotify on Wi-Fi or 3G.

Running Android 5.0, Core is quite hackable, so you can also turn it into a kind of magic button that calls a Uber, lights up the house or records voice messages, for example.There is an expansion port on the small Core, and the company will be releasing a development kit in the coming months.

It reaches the first buyers in January 2017. And I want one.