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Looking for PC speakers? Whether you are simply looking to increase the audioquality of your computer, improve your experience playing or adapt audio power to the size of the room, there is a good variety of PC speakers to look for.

They range from a couple of simple speakers to complex 7.1 systems. The following guide from electronicsencyclopedia.com provides information on the different speaker systems available, and their characteristics .Choosing computer speakers is not very complicated, but we do need some information about the audio world to end up buying a computer that meets what we were looking for and not waste time and money in an absurd way.

Characteristics Of Pc Speakers

System Type

One of the most important considerations when choosing the most suitable PC speaker set for our needs or tastes is the configuration or system. The configuration of the PC speakers refers to how many speakers are in the set, what type of speakers they are and whether a subwoofer is included.The following table shows the main configurations in computer speakers.

It is important to note that a lower numbering or a lower number of channels does not necessarily imply a lower price or a lower quality.

A system with fewer elements does not have to be worse or cheaper

All this will depend on the quality of the speakers, the number of tracks and their type (active or passive) among other factors.

Equipment 2.1 can offer a spectacular power and quality like these Harman Kardon but we can also find equipment 5.1 like these Logitech at quite low prices.





2.0 The simplest and usually the cheapest is the 2.0 configuration. It consists of two speakers and has no subwoofer. The best option if we just want to have audio on our PC.
2.1 2.1 is a small but important improvement over 2.0. The inclusion of a subwoofer allows you to reproduce the entire sound spectrum and improve the quality of the audio, as the satellite speakers will reproduce the medium and high frequencies for which they have been designed and the subwoofer will do the same with the bass.
5.1 5.1 This is the common name for the multichannel audio system with six channels of surround technology. It is the system used in cinemas and homecinemas. The system allows the user to perceive a sound address in 360º . So the audiovisual experience is much richer.
7.1 The spearhead is the 7.1 configuration. It is an improvement of the 5.1 system, to achieve a more marked and surround sound. The system consists of center speaker, front right, left front, right, left, right rear and left rear.

We all love the powerful things, also the loudspeakers. In the case of audio, several different powers can be specified. The value that best fits the reality is the RMS power (Root Mean Square). That is the average and constant power provided by the equipment and the value in which we have to fix. At higher RMS power the volume can be set without distorting the sound. The power range can range from 5W to 300W in some cases.

Active Or Passive Speakers

An active speaker is a type of speaker characterized by the use of active filters (digital or analog), rather than passive filters, to divide the audio frequency spectrum into intervals compatible with the transducers (cones) used.

Unlike passive loudspeakers, on an active analog speaker, the signal is amplified after the filters. This allows a great advantage in efficiency compared to passive speakers, which filter out amplified signals and lose large amounts of energy in the form of heat.

Frequently, both the filter and the amplifiers (one per transducer) are integrated into the speaker cabinet , leaving the power cable as the only external difference from the passive.

In spite of being an architecture superior to the one of the passive, they only have great acceptance in the professional environment, where its use is majority. We can therefore conclude that in general an active speaker is better, but we will need to have a power outlet for each of them and this can be annoying in some cases.

Number Of Drivers

It is the number of transducers or satellite cones/speaker. They determine the audio quality of the audio equipment, to a greater number of separate transducers, better audio quality, regardless of system channels (2.0, 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1).

PC speakers usually have a single satellite transducer that reproduces all frequencies

The higher number of drivers per channel the higher the sound quality

(Bass, Medium and Treble), although in medium and high range models can have at least two satellite transducers,generally one for media (called Woofer) and another for treble (called Tweeter). In some models even more, as is the case of the  Harman/Kardon Sound Stick III  that have 4 satellite transducers.

Surround Decoders

Positional or surround sound equipment can implement a surround sound decoder (Dolby Digital, DTS, …). Having some of these technologies always guarantees us a processing of the finest and improved audio. Besides the use of a decoder we can find that our system comes with some certification, the following are the most common in PC speakers:

-THX: Indicates that the audio equipment will play the audio with the quality of the master copy, although if the copy we use is of poor quality, the THX can do little).

-Dolby: Indicate the hardware compatibility of the Dolby Digital Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, …

-EAX (Enviromental Audio eXtension): It is an audio technology developed by Creative in its sound cards Sound Blaster, normally used in PC games.


Ergonomics is defined as the ease to control the audio system physically, to assess it we have to take into account several factors:

– Volume control: It is essential to have access to volume control of physical form. We can find equipment with a control of the general volume (the most common) and some in which thevolume of each satellite can be controlled separately .

-Control of the bass/treble: It is always interesting to be able to modify the intensity of the different frequencies of the sound easily, through control wheels.

Midrange teams usually wear a mand or distance that allows us to have the system controls at hand.

Power button, audio systems usually have their On / Off power button to avoid having to disconnect them from the mains when not in use.

Pc Speaker Connections

The most common is that the computer speakers are connected to the computer via RCA or the typical 3.5 mm stereo minijack connector, however in some models it is possible to make a connection with TOSLink optical cable, the latter case guarantees a sending of the Signal more faithful to the original.

It is also very important to check that the equipment has a 3.5mm output if we want to connect our headphones without having to resort to a rear entrance of the tower.


The manufacturers that we mentioned below are the ones that in our opinion have more interest when it comes to buying pc speakers. We can not include all the companies, nor is it our intention.

Purchase Tips

Space Available

Take into account the space you have to place the system. Verify that you have a space for the subwoofer (ideally placed near the ground in a corner) . If you are going to buy a team with many satellites (5.1, 7.1) think about where you will put each one of them before. There are satellite speakers that come ready to be hung from the wall which could save us space problems.

Room Size

Keep in mind that the speakers must be adapted to the room where they are to be used, for example it is not the same to have an audio system in a bedroom normally between 10 and 20 m2 at most, while for example a living room Which can have at least 25 m2 since if in the first case we set up a very powerful sound equipment surely this is wasted because it can not be put to a high volume without vibrating/rumbling things in the room.

In the second case if we mount a low-power sound equipment in a large room, we will lack “sound” to fill it (if we intend this), so the best option is to acquire an audio equipment of some power but not excessive either That surely we will have a superior economic outlay and little gain in benefits, unless we look for a great quality of audio.

Sound Card

After all said it seems that we have overlooked something very important, the sound card! I left it to the end because today the sound cards are powerful enough not to be a drag when it comes to playing sound. A decade ago let’s say and before the issue of sound cards could be a big leap in quality. But this is no longer the case today. Anyway, if you are going to buy high-end PC speakers, I advise you to check if your sound card is up to scratch, and if not, you should buy one. If we get strict this topic would give for a whole post but for now we will stay here.

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