Pastelaztec • Plus Size Fashion

Today, there are two reasons to rejoice for me:
Thats first outfit post on my around on the gepimptem blog and it is a special piece of clothing, this beautiful rock in the Aztekenprint which currently melt my heart, namely! Both together feels just so fantastic! dream.

Personally, I’m of course very happy with this outfit, otherwise I would have not shown certainly it! Before me again I out the schools due to the rocks, I write a few lines to the blouse, which also deserve attention!
The blouse is sleeveless with lace details. The nice thing about it is that it consists of two layers of lightweight Georgette fabric and that they long is so it covered my stomach. It is not fully transparent and falls very supple! They are available in black and I actually just think about whether I will be not to put it to to me – you know Yes never… 😉 and I think that they can be combined very well with pants.

And now my personal highlight: the ROCK!
I own only two skirts that go below the knee and ladies – I feel it very very sexy. It is now very odd sounds or self-indulgent, but I mine honestly so. I go and the rock to my knees nestles, then automatically slimmer, bigger – makes me feel just great! This is certainly one of my current favorite parts (which there is in the sale for € 15,00, cough…).

At simply be I bought a already, before I started plus size fashion blogging at topschoolsoflaw, and not infrequently. Basically, that was my point of contact, when it came to send parts for special occasions. I have there weddings shopped for birthdays, communions etc pp. My first suit also comes from simply be! For me, it is actually a shop, which I can recommend.

What’s my choice?

Dearest greetings