Pajama Pants Before The Pajama Pants

The pants pajamas have become a daily and recurring choice of celebrities to leave. And more now that General Winter suggests his impending withdrawal. True, the pajama trend is not new.

Long before those times when Coco Chanel glimpsed, with wise European arrogance, that Hollywood was the capital of bad taste, and then, the anticipators of good taste wore their homemade looks with distinction beyond the sweet home. In the garden, the terrace and in the corner club.

Now that the comfortable clothes to be at home return to the terrain of street-style, the revolution will be comfortable or not, let us focus on some firms that offer very comfortable, practical and very versatile pants that do not give up their home claim and that The most intrepid will turn into street clothes.

Jack Wills

Jack Wills includes a collection of pajamas that exemplify the concept “I’m leaving home with what’s on.” Total is going to be five minutes… I’m leaving with these Jack Wills cotton pants. Soft to the touch and very comfortable. Wide leg and elastic waist.For € 33.99.


Skiny homewear fits like a second skin to make you feel light and comfortable. Its fabrics, based on elasticity and cotton blends, feature seamless classic-looking patterns and the vintage touch that characterizes this exceptional signature that belongs to the powerful Huber group, an Austrian multinational that reigns in the competitive homewear world. Here we present a trousers in sapphire color. For €29.95.


An effortless, natural and authentic style, easy to wear and a relaxed vital attitude are the central elements of the philosophy of a magnificent firm that offers us the inevitablevichy plaid pajama trousers. 100% cotton. For €29.99.

Tom Tailor

Another of the signatures that inevitably has to be taken when deciding to take on the importance of having several pajama bottoms is not another, she says, than the German Tom Tailor. Pajama pants 100% cotton with just reputation of being among the most comfortable on the market. From € 24.99 in the signature e-shop.