Outdoor Lighting with a Led Tube

Some work during the weekend to extend the terrace around the pool and a meal in the evening to thank those without which I could achieve all this, had to think about the essential lighting…

A little at the last moment I needed a solution. I remembered that I had a LED Tube 150 mm of demo and an old waterproof Strip recovered on a construction site to create a provisional but fast photo.

FYI this type of Led Tube is to directly supply 220V, so just to disassemble your even a strip that you will recover and that no longer works since we remove everything inside to keep only the tube holders.

Then you must rewire the Strip to power the tube in 220V on one side with the neutral and the other with the Phase or return. Nothing complicated in it and a few minutes are enough.

And here I am with excellent lighting above my corner outside meal with only 25W made for a far superior to two classic 60W lamps like can often be found in hardware stores.

Better than a long description on the characteristics of such a product I’ll let you judge these two photos that I took at night and without flash, the result is amazing!

You can see at the bottom inside my house with 100% Led.

Lighting that I definitely adopted and which will be put in place permanently with on an order compatible with my home automation as soon as next weekend.

You find this kind of tube Led by our partner Led and fluorescent.

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