Original Wall Clock

Maybe there is not such a person, who would not love gifts. If you have planned a vacation or you just want to make a pleasant surprise to your beloved and dear to you man, you can easily make a wall clock with his own hands. There is no gift, there would be appreciated more than that done by their own efforts. Today, we offer you to learn how to make beautiful and original wall clock for the kitchen.

So first we need to buy or take an old clock, as long as they had a good mechanism, or you can buy the cheapest watch from plastic. To avoid damage to the mechanism, it is necessary to get the batteries, carefully separate the clock, remove the glass, washers, nuts, arrow, put it all can be folded neatly in the order in which filmed, and far away from children and animals. We need housing, we will treat, creates his own original masterpiece. the entire process of creating the largest clock-can focus your creative activities. After all, if one day you feel like a designer, it will stay with you forever.

If you want to create a wall clock for your kids with the hands, according to PhoenixWallClocks.com, it is not necessary to buy an expensive decorating, anything can happen from the old and often unnecessary things. The connector, jigsaw, photo frames, paper, wood and various parts of your computer, disks, plates, cups, mirrors, table games, a wide range of decorative plates and trays, as well as many other things that will be found in any home.

So we have a body, you can paint it in a color that you’d like, but stick to see great future in harmony with the Interior of your kitchen. For coloring, you can use acrylic paints, they are completely dry, and you can start decorating the clock. For example, you can use shells, coloured stained glass, faux pearls, metal beads, beads, and all that will permit you to your imagination. Before you stick all this beauty, attach your device to the Agency to determine a location. The preparation must be balanced, it is better that the picture at the bottom was saturated. How to decide the décor, it can be glued. flight to the imagination is not limited by anything you choose to call an image, you can use something-clippings from old magazines, selection of pictures from the family album, maybe own design, everything will depend on the chosen theme. Of course, when we look at a large wall clock in the kitchen, most likely, we will be happy to see that flowers or something warm, warms us like visiting Grandma. The choice is yours, in view of the design and interior of your furniture. Glue with glue the décor of our dial, and you can safely begin to collect watches. If necessary, you can decorate the arrows, all at your discretion.

Some advice on the Moot hours: it is necessary to check if everything is OK with the arrow keys, there is no deformation of the décor that they not clung to each other in the workplace. Collection watches with their hands, put the arrow in the figure of 12. This will help to avoid errors in the course of the mechanism. Now you can put glass, pre-wiping, and your original wall clock with hands ready.

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