Original Design Beds

Some only opted for the comfort and the beauty when choosing furniture, like a bed that is so important to the rest and the health of the body, but others opt to make this daily experience a busy routine of creativity.

Some firms and designers have teamed up to offer us the more varied and ingenious proposals for beds and today we explore some of them showing on writingles.

Private Cloud Rocking Bed

For single adults and married couples we find proposals that unify peculiarity and comfort. For all tastes and more diverse needs. One of the most interesting is the so-called Private Cloud, a wooden bed with balance sheets.

Manufactured by Andreas Janson and designed by Michael and Manuel Kloker (www.mkloker.de), this bed was launched in 2005 and is really a design simple but spectacular. A mattress in the Middle, oval structure allows us slightly rocking to sleep. It is not only functional and fun, but is also very safe and is aesthetically very well accomplished.

Floating Bed Air Mattress

A really amazing option is the floating bed designed by the architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, who spent more than 5 years of study to conceive this project.

The floating bed is anchored by the edges with tensioners, almost imperceptible, to the ceiling and works by magnetic magnets, this technology explains their high prices. There is no doubt that in addition to being an original design, it is very elegant.

Modular Bed Design Boxetti

Boxetti firm proposes a bed that is inserted in its style of work, characterized by functionality, the maximum use of the space and the modernist designs. Bed proposed this firm offers the possibility to deploy or retract and save as well the largest possible space.

Designed with a combination of white and yellow ear-piercing, this caja-cama can be placed in the bedroom, or even in the living room. Originality, ingenuity and functionality complement each other in this design.

Boat-Shaped Raised Bed

Encourage imagination and spontaneity in children may be essential for their development. So what better way to do this that creating an original bedroom. For children the proposals vary from the most innovative to which guarantee constant fun.

The firm Miss Susie and the Bandits brings us a bed for lovers of the crews and the stories of pirates.Boat-shaped and cream, comes this design that transforms the room of our children in a special place full of adventure.

It is a proposal extremely comfortably and safely by boat railings that serve as stops at the edges. As the bed is elevated brings built-in a staircase that adds fun to the daily going to sleep experience.

Bed Of Balls For The More Daring

For those who trasgresoras and beyond in regards to design there are proposals to achieve a truly unique bedroom. It ball bed is designed to accommodate the needs and positions of each one at bedtime.

Animi cause has created this innovative bed to revolutionize the experience of rest. Available in varied colors such as blue or red, this bed can also serve sofa, because its flexible structure allows you to attach to the most dissimilar functions.

All these designs are proof that there are no borders to the creativity and imagination and which are applicable to any aspect of our lives, always achieving amazing results.