OnePlus Has Prepared a Device to Play: on Know It April

Without making much noise, OnePlus dropped a track at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Now give us a few more facts and it seems clear that this singular Chinese manufacturer thas prepared a device to play. Say that it is a console would be much say because as shown so far is very vague.

David, one of the administrators of the Forum of OnePlus announced today that during the month of April we will see a device to play. Something which, according to them will be something that changes the rules of the game (game changer). At the moment he plays specular and analyze the images in search of any clues.

What is preparing OnePlus?

“Start a new game” pray first OnePlus image with a red dot in the style of Hall 9000. It could be a LED, which encourages thinking in a console but continue later. In the following image, you have it just below these lines, We see the logo of OnePlus drawn with light strokes. Something related to the movement?

“You’re in control” warns us the third teaser of OnePlus where hands seem to be holding an object. This last image leads us to believe that what is working OnePlus is a bluetooth remote control to play with our phone or tablet. Now, little more we can deduce by images.

Taking into account the size of One Plus as a company and that its future seems more geared to renew its One, It would be rare that they will launch an ambitious device in terms of technology. Maybe they bet on something more modest as a remote control. In their day they created quite a stir to announce a power bank.

Also it would be a good opportunity for give a boost to Android TV and create a set top box oriented to catalog what’s in Google Play play. However, taking into account the strategy they have pursued with the sale of the OnePlus One give to understand that economically they cannot bear to several major projects. They sell way rationed with very small margins and, as I said, seem more focused on phones.

Soon we will leave doubts but this is a personal opinion, I am afraid that what we will see in April will try to complete accessory and not a console Android Ouya, Forge or M.O.J.O style.