On Visits to Liverano

During our trip to Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence, we were given the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most exclusive manufacturer of bags, shoes and jackets. Yet it was perhaps our visit to one of the world’s most publicized tailors who were the highlight of the trip. The tailor’s workshop was Liverano & Liverano; known for their typical Florentine skräddarstil and a craft in world class.

Liverano & Liverano got a bit of an international breakthrough in conjunction with the herrekiperingen The Armoury for a couple of years ago began to collaborate with them and hysera a series of so-called Trunk Shows in the shop in Hong Kong. The gentlemen behind The Armoury has a few seasons has become one of the world’s most influential fashion and by communicating and bear Liverano Bespoke tailoring standards have been set on a map in earnest and to work with customers all over the world. Gianluca Migliarotti is the man behind the acclaimed documentary O ‘ Mast; a movie about the Naples tailors did about a year ago a new documentary. Colori di Antonio was the name and starred found Antonio Liverano.

Here’s a trailer for the film which can be purchased at The Armoury.

At the same time, it is important to remember that Liverano & Liverano is not a new company. Our partner has a long tradition of fine craftsmanship and founder Antonio Liverano left the province of Taranto are already at the age of 11 with his brother Luigi, to learn all about Florence recognized tailoring.

The first Liverano & Liverano store opened in Florence on the 60 ‘s and today is the charming little Studio on Via dei Fossi. A alteljé that starts as a shop where hand-stitched accessories such as ties and pochetter come together with a small collection of shoes from American Alden. A little further into the store begins the tailor’s workshop where Il Maestro Antonio is still working with cutting and pattern.

Liverano is previously noted by the Florentine skräddarstilen is characterized among other things by a little more structured kanvaskonstruktion than many southern Italian tailors. It has no seam in the trend jacket’s front (under the breast pocket) which places additional demands on the skills of the tailors, and tillskärarna for an exact fit.

Whether you like the Neapolitan, English or florentiskt tailoring, it is hard not to marvel at the craftsmanship and skills Liverano possesses. An eye for how different fabrics behave and fall to their carriers as well as the ability to compensate for any deficiencies to which customer has in their body. To compensate for a sloping or uneven shoulder or low chest is something that takes time, even years to learn.

We took a number of pictures from our visit and leave you hereby get inspired by how one of the world’s foremost tailors looks on the inside.

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