Nikon D7200 DSLR Digital Camera

The Nikon D7200 is a modest upgrade from its predecessor, the D7100, it launched two years ago.

Nikon renews today, as every two years, the flagship of the range SLR APS-C sensors. A new D7200 succeeds the D7100 among the enlightened amateur SLR. The newcomer takes much of the recipe of its predecessor and is content to bring some of the improvements occurred in the meantime on other models, especially those of lower ranges.

As a major DSLR brans, the Nikon D7200 and D7100 extended the housing. We find exactly the same ergonomics that two years ago, while between the time adjustable screens are largely democratized, including the lower segment. The magnesium alloy design all-time input / output? including a microphone but also a headphone input (for the control of the aforementioned input) and an HDMI uncompressed? or the layout of the controls … the case, certainly convincing, the D7100 is reproduced identically.

In electronics, the D7200 is sticking to the well sufficient definition of 24 million pixels of its predecessor. It is however a new sensor, compared to the D7100, and it is certainly the same as the young D5500 . It remains free of low-pass filter, which gives more detailed images, but may cause undesirable phenomena under certain conditions, including moiré in fine patterns. There are also an autofocus module with 51 AF points, this time it is the Multi-CAM 3500 II D810 , more effective in darker situations (up to -3 EV).

The main contribution of the D7200 is finally switching to the EXPEED chip 4. It follows to start a wide sensitivity range: the maximum sensitivity is quadrupled from 6400 to 25,600 ISO, expandable to ISO 102,400 instead of 25 600. But it must be stressed that the extension is now possible in monochrome (and therefore not in RAW?), a first. Another first amazing, one can now shoot Full HD video at 50 or 60 frames / s, but in 1.3x crop mode. The firmware welcomes anyway appeared the recently dedicated Video menu, including the Picture Control setting appropriate uniform in color post-processing.

The continuous shooting stagnated at 6 i / s standard and 7 i / s 1.3x crop, but the buffer increases to 100 high-quality JPEG images 27 RAW 12 bit or 14 RAW 14 bit.

Finally in terms of connectivity, Wi-Fi and NFC finally integrated, as they took until the form of a protruding accessory. They allow you to control the camera and transfer photos and videos on a phone or tablet Android or iOS.

The Nikon D7200 will be available in France from 19 March 2015. It will be sold naked 1200 euros or 1400 euros with the stabilized 18-105 mm zoom f / 3,5-5,6G ED VR (equivalent to a 27- 157.5 mm).

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