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Night Light for Children’s Bedroom

Proper lighting is important in every room, but for a child’s room, which is also a bedroom, and a game and fitness room and a place to practice where the baby spends a lot of time, so the -osvetitelni Lights in the nursery should be chosen carefully.

So it is necessary to examine many aspects of age and stylistic consistency room lamp interior of child and ends with its characteristics.

How to Choose a Night Lamp

Every parent, furnished room for your child’s first care for their comfort, safety and proper positions in this room, including furniture, textiles, toys and even children’s ceiling light must meet these conditions.

But the vast range of wall night lights presented today in traditional and online stores sometimes. You would seem that such diversity should enjoy only: everyone can find what is most suitable for. No when it comes to the nursery to the fore many different requirements (see Kids ceiling -. Their types and selection criteria).

Cutting his eyes lighting is not acceptable to room bebeto. It should be soft and diffused, in any case, not down.
materials constituting ceiling lamps children should be safe to use. This is true both for their ecological purity and mechanical. Other words, lamp children under any circumstances should not be released into the environment of harmful substances, and should be sustainable impacts and other mechanical. A namely, in kindergarten they are as much as possible, because during active children playing not think of caution.
Important quality must be not only materials but also the installation of the lamp: it should not fall from the ceiling in contact with the ball, slashing, etc.

Ability to adjust the light intensity – a very important moment. Choose a chandelier, it should have several lamps, divorced lamp ceiling lamp has children, then those bodies should be more or it must be complemented by wall or ceiling place spot osvetlenie.Tova means that you should be able to adjust the intensity of lighting as needed at any time.

Functional room where the child lives, the lighting must be accurate and sufficient for each type deynost. Must not forget that children grow very quickly and very soon, in addition to games on the floor of their will to include table games, sculpture and drawing at the table, reading in bed. The lights are too bright, direct light, and light is best with ensuring coherent whole lighting cope ceiling lamp for the nursery .
Children’s lamp – not a criterion for you want your child to match his age, to develop aesthetic taste of the child and, of course, in harmony with the design of the ceiling and the room. Some difficulties arise when the baby is designed for two or more children of different ages and pol. Such cases the preferred place to buy lamps neutral design that will appeal to your child and student, and would be appropriate, and a few years later, when the children grow up.

If urgent problem of energy consumption, buy in the nursery with lamps or LED lamp. It as the light in the nursery can burn for a long time (some children and sleeps only with light), the high cost of these lights will soon pay off .
Not buy ceiling lamp for children with fluorescent lamp. Brilliant radiance, which is very annoying and tiring quickly, not only children but in addition, fluorescent lamps contain mercury, and if a child accidentally break them, the consequences can be quite.

Buyer Based on the above requirements, we have compiled a few rules, guided by which you can take for optimum light source of the child.
Determine the needs of your child or children depend on the age and activity, and the time that a child spends every day in the room thus consider the inevitable changes in the way dete. If within some years it’s going to school, he will have optimum illumination of the work area.
Orient kind of armatura. It may be suspended ceiling (located directly on the ceiling) have low ceilings, ceiling lamp in the nursery is better not to do low-hanging for safety reasons and aesthetic perception.
Before purchasing lamp is necessary clear idea of the style and color of the room that in this room can be any combination of colors and textures, but it’s better to try to withstand a style to instill your child’s sense of proportion and taste.
If you’re not a supporter of the placement of air conditioners in the nursery for fixtures with built-in humidifiers, fans and ionizers will maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Chandeliers Children lamps, chandeliers, as well as for all other premises can be suspended ceiling. If you live in a standard apartment with a ceiling height of no more than 250 cm, and then the best option to choose from the ceiling that not hide. If you have high ceilings just more convenient to use pendant chandeliers.

Unfortunately, this ceiling lamp Children can not cope with the task complete and uniform illumination of a large staya.No is possible to choose wall lights and table lamps in the same stil.I if the ceiling in the room is planned suspended or tension, they must be equipped with spotlights at least in the area where the child will do homework (see plasterboard ceilings in the nursery :. Design ideas).

installation projectors today many prefer small halogen and LED lamps have enough power and brightness, the use of central light source. In addition, built-in ceiling lights in children provide more even illumination that covers the entire area the room.

Experts believe that for every square meter of a child’s room should have to light up one point to ensure its quality osvetlenie. No if the main illumination ensures chandelier, recessed lighting fixtures can be placed only in functional areas – games, work, etc. (See Spotlights ceiling accommodation options and safety).
Use the spotlight is convenient mainly to the fact that it allows you to highlight a different time, only those areas that are widely used in moment, this group recessed lighting sufficient to spread to different keys.

Another advantage of such lamps – they are the safest because their affection and working part is behind the plane of the ceiling and inaccessible to mechanical stress of the child.

Finally, recessed spotlights can solve various interior tasks, including the task of separating a child’s room into separate functional oblasti.Edinstveniyat disadvantage is the ability to be used only in suspended ceilings.

Modern lighting spots – perfect for room deteto.Te may seem and how chandeliers and spotlights on their feet, and their main advantage is the high mobilnost.Tozi ceiling lamp is suitable for the child, so by turning the place, you can change direction light, achieving a visually expand the space or vice versa – hiding in the shadow of some of the details.

Stains can be in the form of chandeliers – a few lights on a common platform and unlike ordinary bulbs, you can send each lamp in the desired zone.
Solitary spots help create direction flashlights, even if the normal plastered ceiling will have to tinker with the wiring of the device.

Using stains care to provide children in an extra night lighting as bright focused light is not conducive to sleep.

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