Night Light for Baby

When baby grows, occur nocturnal anxieties and fear of the dark. The baby night light is an effective solution to calm the fears of small at the time where imagination begins to play tricks on them. Reassuring and comforting, the night light will help him to fall asleep peacefully and escaped to the land of dreams.

Night Light for Baby

Fear of the dark, a normal phenomenon in children
Fear of the dark in children comes mainly from the fear of the unknown. A baby does not fear the dark because he is not yet able to develop his imagination. This faculty does not really appear until the age of 2 years to the time develops psyche and imagination. After 2 years, children develop at the same time as their imagination, a fear of the dark more or less intense. Shadows can turn into monsters and darkness can become oppressive and threatening. The night also represents a loss of connection with the sudden disappearance of his small world. It leaves place to a disturbing environment where certainly await carpet in the darkness, witches and monsters devouring!

The reasoning of a child up to 6 years is not rational. As it is not able to differentiate between the real and the imaginary, it is therefore normal that it snaps at the top of the irrational ideas.

The baby, the friend of the evening night light
To avoid the fear of the dark, install a night light in your child’s room. This accessory emits a soft light that reassures him, comforts him and soothes it at the time of sunset. You will find a large number of pilots to the styles, features and different forms. Pilots are no longer content to diffuse a soft and reassuring, static or flashing light, they are also able to go off at the baby’s crying, of varying intensity depending on the ambient light, projecting to the ceiling of the drawings or reassuring characters such heroes of your child’s favorite.

You will find baby night lights:
-Simple, broadcasting a soft and constant light. Automatic night lights illuminate when the night falls and go out in the Sun with a varying intensity according to the brightness.
-Musical, with different melodies, to mix with sounds like birdsong, the beating of the heart, rain falling, the sound of the sea, leaves in the trees…
-Programmable. For example, you can program some musical baby night lights 5, 10 or 15 minutes before they turn off automatically.
-In the form of animal, character, cartoon, comic book hero
-Which change color as the of Pabobo Lumilove Nightlight, BPA guaranteed
-Wake up, that tells the child that it is time to get up
-Nomad without battery (recharged directly on sector) wire, which accumulates the energy during the day and releases it at night

To watch over the baby sleep and preserve the planet, choose a green night light
When choosing a night light to accompany your little nights, consider efficient night lights in energy that extinguish themselves. Ecological, they are guaranteed no BPA (Bisphenol A), incoming product in the manufacture of polycarbonate and some resins, which may be harmful in contact with heat. Ecological nightlights are also free of phthalates, another chemical compound commonly used as a plasticizer. Pabobo brand includes this type of night lights. The toes brand also offers a cheerful and original universe of night lights eco-responsible combining perfectly the baby’s well-being and that of the planet.