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Maud Vantours is a young Parisian visual artist who, after graduating in textile design, working on the plasticity of the material, color and graphic effects, creating wonderful paper installations.

Starting with an abstract design dimensional Maud creates three-dimensional colorful dreamscapes, playing with shades and perfection of form that creates with the paper.

His works are pure geometries of layers of multicolored paper and often with these he created the sets very original for the prestigious international luxury brands and fashion campaigns.

Besides his artistic creations inspired interior design projects, and you can find chandeliers and wallpapers in a limited edition, made from his designs.

Installations of Maud Vantours paper are complex structures that hypnotize with the vivid colors and rigorous in the precision of the cuts, layer by layer.
Seeing is believing!

Internetages Wallpaper

In the fifties the culture of lighted the general interest of consumer, household and objects until then simply practical were redesigned in style. The design celebrated the economic well-being by choosing pots, kitchen utensils, toaster as well as stamps and postcards as reasons to be repeated up from fabrics and wallpapers, creating a new style in the decoration.

Today the style of the fabulous Fifties seems to be back in fashion and interiors are enlivened with combinations of colors and motifs, preferably retro wallpaper: knows the Brooklyn designer internetages that proposing it on fabrics, wallpaper and household items in light tones and vibrant colors, with decidedly vintage taste.

Graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, Julia now draws for major brands such as Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters with a graphic style and bright, playing with typical images of each decade and a certain idea of who those years who experienced them. With humor and attention to detail the compositions of Julia Rothman photographing our way of life passed through objects: number of blenders and oven mitts, cuckoo clocks, balls of wool, typewriters, calculators, skateboarding and cassettes.

For those wishing to have fun to combine modernity with a truly vintage look, fabrics designed by Julia can also be found here , while Hygge & West is the dealer for the wallpapers.

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