New year’s Eve with Children, Get a Special and Fun Night!

Takes note of our ideas to spend an unforgettable new year’s Eve with your children!

It has been a hard year of work, all day from here to there and being always aware of children. Therefore, should dismiss him as he deserves and welcome to 2017 in style! We already know that often have children you are limited when it comes to certain plans but is not the case for this special event, where a range of possibilities is open.

Increasingly, the proposals that exist to make a different new year’s Eve with children . From Pisamonas we can offer you some ideas, whether you decide to spend this date outside and inside the House.

New year’s Eve plans with children away from home

All the nights of the year, the new year’s Eve is probably one of the most special and why we want to enjoy with your kids on a high. If you still don’t know where to spend new year’s Eve but you don’t want to stay at home, we suggest some ideas that still interest you. It is very interesting both if you decide to go with friends, as if you only want to go with your children.

We started with the world of Arts and culture, music or the magic hand. Spend a magical evening with your loved ones in a fun show. There are rooms that organized a special evening with dinner and where the magic tricks are the maximum for this evening of the year. Music also can be the best way for the new year and welcome to 2017, so nothing like attending an event having different musical activities designed for children. Children will not forget this fun evening!

For those who have more days, we recommend a small break, it can be the perfect way to complete a vacation or a good plan this Christmas. On the one hand, go to a new year’s Eve party in a theme park. Everything is designed so the kids can enjoy the last day of the year along with funny characters and activities that will be well above expectations. But if you think that your children will be the only ones who will enjoy, you are very wrong, because there are also activities designed for adults.

On the other hand, if you fancy a more peaceful plan, we suggest you make a rural getaway. You can rent an accommodation in the countryside or the mountains together with your friends and family and celebrate your own party, or go to a rural resort where already everything is organized. In any of the ways, will be a very good option to say “Hello” to 2017.

In addition, waking up in a quiet environment surrounded by nature will be a unique experience. That Yes, do not forget to have everything ready so you and your children have a good wake up. A good pajamas, a warm homespun slippers and a full breakfast will be the best way to start with right foot 2017 based on 🙂

What to do on new year’s Eve with children at home

If you’re thinking about what to do on new year’s Eve, but have clear you don’t want to move home, we also have some fun proposals that we are sure that you fit.

For starters, we propose to organize an activity for the kids of the House so they are distracted and have fun. Do you think to prepare a small little theater or about puppets? Does not need to be very professional, the important thing is to have fun. Look for any story that you like and try to give life through figures of puppet, insurance that will want you to represent him again and again!

If you join you at home with several children, you can improvise a little parade. Tonight is one of the occasions in which the kids wear their finery and we can use it to make a fun parade. Put background music and exercises the role of presenter explaining the look of each child in a fun way. I’m sure that children spend it is great! You can record it and remember it always 😉 So they are handsome and elegant we recommend complete their looks with shoes for boys and girls you’ll find at Pisamonas. Booties or patent leather, glitter ballerinas or suede loafers, Mary Janes are a few of the outfits that will make you shine on the last night of the year.

On the other hand, there is no year’s Eve self-respecting without a good party. Do you think if we prepare our own? Children will be entertained after dinner and will be happy to show off his own party at the beginning of the new year. Used fabrics and plush, rubber eva or colorful feather and you can get very original and funny hats or masks.

Did any of these plans you like? We hope you’ve given some ideas so you know what to do on new year’s Eve with your kids. Now only remains to thank you for trusting Pisamonas and wish you a 2017 full of joys and shoes 🙂 Happy new year’s Eve!