My Favorite Lipsticks

Today on 6th of July is the  day of the kiss and I would like to introduce you as part of a blogger action my currently most loved lipstick. The word “momentary” could give the impression that it was a short-term affair. But my love has been quite a long time and when a beauty blogger says he has bought a lipstick, it has a lot to do. Finally, the candidate has to contend with a large number of competitors, who tempt you every day. My  favorite lipstick hears the loving name  “Honey”, I got to know him in the London holiday  and he is from the Revlon brand.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 001 “Honey”

The Revlon brand is not so easy to get in Germany and you have to access onlineshops or keep your eyes open during the next vacation. The Balm Stains of Revlon in pin form can be easily turned out and have a minty smell, but I personally like it better than sweet fragrances. The smell flies pretty fast anyway.

“Honey” is a great old pink and for me the perfect color for everyday life. It is easy to apply and leaves a slightly shiny finish. The color can be intensified by repeated application. The lips feel well maintained and are not dried out. For me a great plus is the great durability.After the meal, the lipstick fades, but leaves a light stain. He wears himself very evenly and I do not have to constantly check in the mirror if he still looks good.

My favorite Everyday Lipstick, which I always grasp when it should be fast and uncomplicated (and this usually occurs quite often).

My first copy I already quite worn and he has lost its pointed form. The application is still good and I will use it completely. Fortunately, supplies are already taken care of!

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