My Bottle Flaska


Are you of those who notice water taste? From those who buy bottled water? Or those who go to any source of a village close to fill water bottles?

I really is that somehow or another I have been in three groups. When I was younger, going one time per month to a source from a nearby town to fill a lot of carafes of water and that I loved. And what I remember were not the only ones, you had to go soon because infinite queues were made. That I liked a lot, because not only we did a tour, also drank good spring water and at the same time reciclabamos the bottles over and over again. The bad thing is that custom we were losing over the years and now for lack of time we just buying bottled water. I think not, it has not been easy to find water which I like. Several people I drink like crazy but I notice the taste of the water (the best is by drinking natural water during my childhood) but I have struggled to find water which I like and who I do not know to plastic. After trying almost all brands on the market, we are left with Bezoya and the fact that so far was delighted but when they passed the days kept noticing a raruno taste until I met Flaska at the fair Biocultura in Valencia.

FLASKA is not simply a glass reusable water bottle. It is a personal source of spring water very easy to use because the glass which is made, is programmed using the procedure TPS (the sicile programming technology) with what is achieved to restructure the water that we introduce in the bottle.

As you can imagine, from the spring to the faucet, the water travels through long, straight pipes made of different materials. This is not the natural environment of water, which normally flows and is filtered by different types of rocks and layers of soil. Why scuba Flaska what they want to achieve is that the vibrational structure of water is more similar to the structure of the water from the spring, i.e. the water in its natural environment.

PET (polyethylene terephtha late) plastic is the material of which the majority of bottles for bottled water are made. This plastic has shown that follows antimony into water and this substance causes cancer.

So, Flaska bottle, is the perfect choice, since it will help you to take care of your health and the environment.

They have a large number of models and you can choose two sizes, 0, 5 l and 0, 75 l. Mine is model Cork, it is protected with a cover made from fabric of Cork, a natural and sustainable material that also is a good insulator and anti-allergic.

If you want to know more about the functioning of Flaska, its history or buy a bottle, click here.