MWC15: Show Intelligent: the Mode First!

March 6, 2015 – while Apple launches in a big way, this March 9, his Apple Watch, giant to Apple’s competitors have no other choice to try to offer some features that may make a difference to consumers.

And what that could convince consumers to choose one smart watch other than the Apple Watch? A watch mode, less expensive, and with greater autonomy.

During the World Congress of Mobile, which closed its doors last Thursday in Barcelona, several smart watches were presented. One of them particularly drew attention: the Pebble Time, the new model of connected watch of the Pebble start-up, which crossed the $ 10 million of pre-orders on Kickstarter in less than 48 hours. A success related, among other features, the displayed range of 10 days (against 24 for the watch to Apple, according to rumors), its compatibility with Android and iOS, and its attractive price of $ 299.

A Comparable to a Classic Watch Design

If the Pebble Time is appreciated for its many features, other companies like Huawei emphasize as they design: because after all, why have to wear a watch, as smart as is, a gadget that looks like plastic? Thus, the shows Huawei will be the first watch smart with a round dial Crystal, similar to that of a traditional luxury watch. Another strong point, it can be worn on a wrist of man to woman: indeed, the smart watches are often too big, because of all the technology they contain, for the generally thinner women’s wrists.

Guess, Swatch and Fossil Follow the Trend

Well-known brands of the fashion world are they also design connected watches: the Watch Guess Connect, which will be launched this year by the American brand, will also offer interesting features (voice control, phone, calendar…), a battery life of 5 days and will be compatible on Android and iOS. Its price will be $ 349, as the watch of Apple.

No doubt that Guess, known for its watches, will have no trouble convincing customers of the side his last mode. Other manufacturers of traditional watches such as Swatch and Fossil have also decided to surf on this trend, thus countering technology companies with smart, but cosmetic products.

Finally, the Mobile World Congress was the opportunity to present Runcible, a surprising innovation to halfway between the Pocket Watch and the smart phone. Small, round and easy to carry, the Runcible opens the door to a new kind of smart watch.

But whatever happened to the Barcelona Congress, one thing remains certain: manufacturers of the technology and fashion sectors hold their breath waiting to discover what offer really shows the Apple.