Musical Night Light for Babies


Musical Night Light for Babies

Yes you see I work for you.
I’m testing, I test, I test!

And today we’ll talk dodo.

Yes, there are few I complained quite a sleep of my Ty.

Then we changed everything!

Night light included

So you understand. It’s the Nightlight BKids rocking Didou nights now.
The Bkids lamp Projecto.

She there.

So live I know you’re thinking,. “Yes a Nightlight what”

You know when I’m testing stuff, I do it thoroughly and I still have lot to say on it!

Go then I’ll tell you:

We liked:

-The fact that the night-light has several options for sound !
Yes, it’s not always the case:
You can adjust the volume: 2 sound levels!!
Practice when it is close to your baby…
Not because it is agreed that mobile phones with music integrated sometimes you feel like the sound of a home theater!
It has nothing of rocking concert at bottom of “Letter to Elise” in your room…
So you’ll be happy to have the choice .

-Several NICE melodies !
Yes, sound of the jungle, sweet melodies, little baby noises,
Full of sounds to the choice.
And frankly, even you you want to listen to the music lying next to your baby.

-She clings to the bars of the bed,
It’s can be a detail for you, but for me it means a lot!
night light…
And yes it is new to me.
And when you don’t have a bedside table in your child’s room ben suddenly it takes 2 x more important.
Well Yes, before the pilot was in the crib:
Baby wasn’t moving y’ had zero problems…
And then the tornado Didou decided to type against the bars of the bed etc.
After we have so installed our night light projector on the floor near the bed
(ben Yes from the projector, had to be at the top baby)
And uh… Ben cannonballs parents that we are no longer the number of shoot that we put in there…
Perfect to wake up baby at 1 in the morning when you come check if YES, your child’s still breathing.
So at the time.
It’s just Too Much Practice!
Attached to the bed and VOILA

Yes Yes you have read,
It is scalable!
So OK, you know the scalable high chairs, strollers etc.
Well well now it will also count on the night lights.
Yes I can explain the friend:
When baby is small (0-3 months), you turn down and this one is just a soft wall night light from Josephnightlights.
When baby grows up (6-18 m), you turn upward and the pilot turns into a star projector,
When baby grows up even more (Yes it so never stops growing?) you put it on a bedside table and your baby uses it independently.

-It fires when baby cries !
A small sensor, tears and PRESTO!
A night light that goes off, a little music and baby back to the land of dreams
(Or at least have fun with the night light time you’re pulling through and go make his bib)
And even when baby does not cry, personally Didou triggers alone as a large, she understood

-The price!
Yes because frankly you saw all the benefits?
Ben price is € 24.90
Pretty cool right?

We liked less:

-The stars on the ceiling melting stars not very star but good isn’t it cool shapes even when
And so the stars are not stack on top of the bed, but a little shifted.
He had to “Pierce” the stars above on the back burner.
And then I haven’t found star projector that makes the stars perfect like in the pictures.
But I like it anyway.

-Well I admit sometimes Ty spends time playing with before going to sleep but after you can not hang it on the bed.
That is what you want we have a curious baby then must assume behind.

I love!
And Didou also

And I’m sure that even you do you want to go to a small bed with now!
Come on, HERE!