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Bike culture: Horst Leitner built easy and gave its name to the world’s most widely used dämparlänkage. AMP Research B4 is a legendary bike as time ran out.

Horst Leitner gave name to one of the world’s most widely used länkagesystem for fulldämpade mountain bikes. During parts of the 1990s was his AMP Research very considered and the firm’s self-designed dämparlänkage called Horst Link was at the heart of success. It was not, however, Leitner invented the brilliant self that linkage, but one of his employees, Karl Nicolai.

Engineer and inventor Karl moved after his years of AMP home to Germany and started their own bike brand Nicolai, which exists even today. Since Horst Leitner later sold his patent to Specialized is Nicolai now have to pay a license fee to Mike Sinyards companies to sell their bikes in the United States.

Under AMPs heyday was the bikes among the coolest thing you could own. Lightweight, stylish and expensive. Unfortunately kept the quality of the silencer and the linkage just too low quality. Front fork flexade and worse it became when it began slipping after all for a short time. For some years there were actually several manufacturers of front forks with similar länkagelösning that AMP. Teleskopgaffeln was not the obvious way and people dared to think a little differently.

Amps frame and fork required a lot of maintenance to function satisfactorily. Bushings had to be replaced frequently and many replaced all use to something more reliable. It was not difficult to build a complete bike for eleven miles with the bike frame and light from MTB. The low weight got customers to “accept” the less good sides with the bike.

Despite the bike’s poor reliability, many became sad when AMP closed down production and instead focused on the production of filler cap and flak gaps to the American pickup trucks. Mark had a high status with a loyal band of customers.

The reason why Horst Leitner left the bicycle industry was that competitors streamlined their manufacturing in Asia and that the development ran from AMP. The successor of B4 was called B5 and was the last frame was manufactured. It had, inter alia, longer suspension travel than its predecessor. Fixed like B4 required the very much maintenance to function.

The separate saddle tower was a detail that many other manufacturers copied and is still something that survives on some downhillcyklar. Blade of linkage was left as the tour is still on the other side of the turn of the Millennium.

Different can be both good and bad.

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